Chocolate powder Huel is nasty

This is my 2nd try with huel. I first ordered the bottled chocolate huel and literally forced my self to gag down one a day until I ran out.
Despite the awful taste I noticed a very big change in sugar cravings, sleep patterns, and energy. I did not want to give up on Huel so I ordered a bag of chocolate and vanilla powder huel. After mixing one chocolate up I am saddened and dismayed to report that this time around was no better. I am desperate to make things work with this on again relationship so any advice of creating flavors that are not only tolerable but also desirable would be fantastic!

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My favorite way to prepare chocolate Huel powder is to use 8 ounces of cold brew coffee plus some oat milk, add the Huel, the q.s. as much water as needed to get total volume. Then blend it. Tastes like a mocha capucino

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I second the coffee

I made chocolate default and it reminded me of a can of slim fast chocolate. It’s not the worst, but it needs help. Deron’s suggestion to use milk (of any type) would add creaminess to balance that malted chalkiness. Coffee for mocha, PB2 or peanut butter for something reminiscent of Reese’s Cup?

If you dont have to go to work (such as evening or Saturday morning) try Kahlua. :slight_smile:

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Or maybe if you do have to go to work :wink:


Drinking it super cold helps. I put mine in the freezer for about 30 minutes. If you don’t have that kind of time, throw as much ice in the shaker as you can get, shake it up, and let it sit for a few minutes before you drink it. Chocolate Huel is my favorite once I discovered how to drink it cold.

chocolate might taste a little bland by itself, but try it with fresh fruit. peanut butter and a banana. try using various liquids; i.e., soy, almond, or cashew milk. 1% or 2% milk.

add a couple drops of peppermint flavor. or cinnamon. i have read some users trying various peppers in their shakes. NOT ME. but they seem to enjoy them.

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I think the chocolate huel powder is gross as well. Currently trying to exchange the unopened powder for a berry powder. I have had to force myself to drink the chocolate because I can see a huge improvement from taking it so I don’t want to give up but I haven’t found a way to make to chocolate powder taste tolerable.

peanut butter.


use the same liquid measurements you like to make your shakes with, throw down however much Huel chocolate powder you are using, and add a dose of peanut butter or pb powder.
for example; i make my shakes with 2 scoops. i also like them thick, so after i mix the initial 14 oz i usually don’t add any more liquid, adding more liquid depending on what all else i end up mixing in my shake. if i feel like having it taste a little more like an ice-cream shake i might add an egg or a scoop of protein powder (adjusting the Huel powder so it comes out even). and finally toss 2 tbsp of peanut butter on top. in a blender. zap. delicious.

there are many other recipes and ideas on how to make Huels shakes taste better in the forums. ways to provide more of a punch protein-wise depending on what your level of activity, what your goals are, or if you even feel like bothering to have to add anything to your shake.

some people don’t feel that they should have to add anything to a shake that is supposed to already have all of the nutrients that you need. write a message to the Huel team suggesting ways that you think they could improve the taste. recommend new flavors that you think might appeal to the masses. suggest ways to the Huel team for making it easier to return unopened bags!!


Careful there, saying that 3 times will summon @Deron



I had the same experience with the chocolate powder BUT it’s much much better tasting doing a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of chocolate together. The vanilla is yummy on it’s own (tastes kinda like oatmeal) but kinda bland? But the chocolate added adds just the right amount of flavor and the chocolate no longer tastes gross. I’m also going to try half and half with the banana flavor add in tomorrow for breakfast so we’ll see how that goes!

As long as you put 4 ice cubes in & 1 frozen Banana then the Chocolate is Great some like a little coffee I’m not big on that but some like it also I mix 10oz of oat or almond milk with 5oz of Filtered water and if your home and have the time letting it sit in the Freezer for 20-30min helps too the colder the Better!

It’s all about flavoring it up and icing it up to get the desired taste rather it be bananas peanut butter or a little maple syrup there’s always a way to get the Chocolate tasting better and Be sure to also use plenty of ice!

I typically used vanilla powder with a tablespoonful of instant coffee.

I did not like the chocolate powder…it tastes like cake batter. I did not like the berry powder…it tastes like breakfast cereal.

I tried the ready to drink chocolate… It was okay, but the ready to drink vanilla was absolutely disgusting.

I super don’t get this. Chocolate is my favorite by far. Currently wondering if I can just add some cocoa powder and splenda to some U/U I overzealously committed to in order to make it usable.

Why use UU to make chocolate?

Put some blue cheese and buffalo hot sauce to make “wings” :slight_smile:

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Honestly can’t tell if you’re being serious or not… I mean I’m not opposed to savory concoctions.

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I think he is serious. It sounds good. I like to make soup out of mine.

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I literally just had my first Huel meal this afternoon (my first ever delivery was dropped off by FedEx this morning), and I decided to try the chocolate since there hasn’t been a chocolate food I haven’t liked.

And the Huel was no different. The taste was rich and reminiscent of unsweetened baking chocolate, which I love. (I don’t want to drink chocolate milk every day, and I’m grateful the flavor is more ‘cocoa powder’ than it is ‘milk chocolate’; if it was any sweeter, I would like it less.)

That said, I’m eager to mix 50g of vanilla and 50g of chocolate for my next meal. And I think the purported sweetness of the vanilla may mellow the richness of the chocolate, if the individual flavors aren’t quite your thing.

Happy Hueling! :smile:

Hey there cpevors.The flavors are great…have you checked out any of the recipes posted here yet?! Some amazing connections. Be sure to try one or twelve.

I haven’t scouted for many recipes yet. I figure I owe it to myself to really get in on liking Huel on a base level, if I want to commit to it for the long term, before I start hiding it in other things.

That said, I hear rumblings of Huel pancakes, and that idea has my name written all over it.