Just starting on my Huel Journey

Hello fellow Huelers, I just received my Huel today. I’m ready to start my weight-loss plan, any advice? I am a retired bodybuilder, and after my last competition last year I’ve gained 25 pounds.

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That is awesome @DebGrant! I’ve also been using Huel to lose weight. I’ve just been replacing my lunch with Huel. I started about 3 weeks ago and have lost 5lbs doing this with light exercise. I’ve also been saving money since my lunches used to consist of an $8 to $14 meal at a fast food joint or restaurant.

My only suggestions are ways to make Huel easier to get used to.

  • Huel recommends using a total of 500ml of water, but I’ve found that using 600ml (ice cubes included) makes it less pancake-batter like and more like a smoothie.

  • Definitely use a blender as the shake method is not very pleasing texture wise.

  • Get some flavor boosters (Cappuccino is my favorite so far, also has a bit of caffeine)

  • Be consistent, it took me about 3 days to get used to the texture. Now I look forward my Huel lunches! (I’ve also had higher energy levels in the afternoons since I’ve been using Huel :smile:)

Hey @DebGrant, I started using Huel about a month ago and I’ve felt a lot better. Even though it’s only been a month, I’ve already seen a lot of progress.

My advice would be that while it tastes great by itself, adding in some fresh fruit will make it even more enjoyable. One of my favorite blends for breakfast is to do the 400mil of water, add in the three scoops and then fill the rest of the shaker bottle with orange juice. The blend makes it taste like a Creamsicle.

I’ll definitely mimic what @Robat said in terms of using a blender. When you drink it just with using the shaker bottle, it can taste a little grainy, but using a blender evens that out tremendously.

But seeing as you are a retired Bodybuilder, I’ll assume that you know all the secrets to making protein shakes taste better. One thing that I didn’t realize is that when I started working out again while using Huel, if I don’t have a snack an hour or two before I work out, my blood sugar level will be very low and I’ll get extremely dizzy after working out. For that reason, I’d suggest making sure you have a Huel snack (2 scoops) or a Cliff Bar (or whatever you want) an hour or two before you work out.

I think this might be because my body’s used to processing large amounts of sugar throughout the day (I used to drink energy drinks religiously but stopped cold turkey when I started Huel), but it’s better safe than sorry.

I hope some of that was helpful :slight_smile:


I have been drinking Huel for breakfast and lunch with a small ‘snack’ Huel (half serving with extra fruit…add water for desired consistency) just before my late afternoon runs and have had noticable weight loss. I am guessing it is in large part due to the amount of sugar it doesn’t have when compared to other foods. Shoot, a half pint of Milk has more sugar than a full daily serving of Huel. Just try to be active a few times a week and stay away from the added sugar and you will start to notice fat loss.

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Thank you, I’ll take any advice I can get it this point.

I greatly appreciate all the different ways you can drink Huel. The orange juice sounds interesting. Thank you everyone for all your tips it’s very helpful.

Hi DebGrant,
I’ve been hueling for about 4 months.
My recommendations are to make sure you let your Huel “cook” in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before consuming. It helps everything soak up the water. Then, make sure to swish it around a bit while you consume so that everything doesn’t sink to the bottom.
Lastly, I like to either put a small spoon of instant coffee in, or some honey mmmmmmm

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Hi Snotmars,

Thank you. I do swish it around. Today is day three. I find it to be pretty filling.

Which is great compared to protein shakes.

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