Good but so Gritty!

While i have been happy with the ease of preparation, the taste, and even the clumps, the overall grittiness of Huel makes me avoid eating it more than once every other day or so. I know putting it in a blender would help, but that’s not practical for me right now.

Any other suggestions?

Any chance for a “super finely milled” Huel powder in the future?

Sorry. I think they have ground up their powder as fine as they possibly can. It has quite a bit of fiber and flaxseed in it. I don’t think these allow it to become more finely ground.

Just force yourself to drink it and you’ll adjust after a short while. The grit is good for you. It won’t be noticeable after a week, I’d say. I always take a drink of plain water after I finish all Huel doses, so that may help. (Also, I blend every Huel dose I eat.)

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I agree with Deron. I had the exact same concern at first, as I had never had to drink a liquid that was anything but smooth before. The more often you drink it the easier it will be, and these days I don’t even notice it.

That said, if it really bothers you I have seen some others try this process for improved texture:

  1. Fill half your Huel container with water.
  2. Add two or three scoops of Huel, close the container and shake.
  3. Leave the Huel in your fridge overnight.
  4. In the morning fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake it again.

Letting it sit in water hydrates the flaxseed, while the fridge keeps the whole thing fresh and viable for at least another 12 hours after removal from the fridge. You can prepare two or three each night and consume them over the following day, should you ever choose to increase your intake.

Thanks so much for the recommendation. I will give it a try!

I agree with this.

I’ve only been doing Huel for a week but letting it sit in water seems to be the best way to make it less gritty and smoother.

Blending adds air and so it gives it a smoother overall texture but it still has the grit. Also, I haven’t seen an difference between blended and shaking in the bottle when I let it sit. I’m guessing the air bubbles just escape over time making it the same in the end.

Even just an half hour or hour soak is much better than freshly blended/shaken.

Being cold is a huge difference for me. Just adding three ice cubes makes it go down smoother. I don’t down it. Just sip it over an hour or two.

I don’t use a ton of water so it is a little thicker… I don’t make it thin enough to quickly drink/gulp down. I always shake it with three ice cubes, and do notice a different texture after being in the fridge. I don’t mind a tiny bit of grit/grain, I’m getting perfect nutrition. :slight_smile:

Thank you all do much for the helpful comenrs! Unfortunately, the gritty mouth feel is still undermining my abiluty to really enjoy Huel, so I am now looking into buying one of those Nutribullet personal blenders. But there are so many varieties out there. I don’t need anything fancy, but definitely want some thing that will make an ultra-smooth Huel shake.

Any recommendations?