Make Huel powder less gritty

Anybody got any tricks for making the powder less gritty. I really like the premixed drinks but I can’t get the powder the same consistency even used a blender.

Make it with something creamier than water and make it the night before so the powder can hydrate, then blend it again to ensure that there’s no settling.

Creamier than water might be milk, nutmilk, bulletproof coffee, peanut butter, bananas, etc.

Hey @Bordawin,
I am a huge lover of using almond milk to make my Huel. I sometimes will blend it the night before and leave it overnight in the fridge for breakfast the next day!
Let me know if you try that out and if it helps :blush:

I agree that the grittiness is the biggest problem with enjoying Huel. Have you tried using a blender? That grinds it up a little finer. Also, have you tried Soylent? It is a lot smoother.

Hey everybody thanks for the advice. I started using frozen smoothie mix from daily harvest as the base then add peanut butter, milk and powdered huel. I also got a ninja blender works great. No more gritty texture.