Anyone else having issues with grittiness in v.3.0?

In previous versions of regular Huel, the grit could be mitigated some by making it ahead of time, or using a blender…not this version. I make mine with a blender; I’ve tried making it and refrigerating it overnight. Still really gritty. I’m assuming it’s the tapioca – it just doesn’t gelatinize properly, or something. Really not liking the floury mouthfeel.

I’ve tried to get used to it, and I just can’t. Besides cooking with it, does anyone have any ideas for lessening it?

I’m using 30% more water in a shaker(about 330ml). I have been able to down it regularly because anything that might have stayed chunky gets washed down, granted, I’m peeing 47 times a day because of all the fluid I’m ingesting. That being said, my pee is clear as the driven snow, so the whole hydration thing is a benefit. While I’m eating/ingesting Huel I basically don’t need to drink anything.

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Update I bought one of those hand blenders that someone recommended from Amazon and it’s fantastic and making it smooth. In fact it tastes like the RTD so I’m going to stop ordering RTD because I can make the powder taste the same.


Can you link the hand blender? Or tell me the brand name?

@Cellcubed Yes, it was recommended by someone off here. It’s super easy to use and clean because you don’t have to clean the blender container out, there are no tough to reach spots.


Hey @russenoire,

A big pro tip I have is to make Huel with some sort of plant milk. You could additionally throw in some ice if you would like to give it a bit more of a milkshake feel!

I personally like to make mine with almond milk or oat milk which gives it that creamy consistency you seem to be looking for.

Let me know if you try it out!

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Hi there @Maksim_Huel,

I only use oat milk and water to make my Huel, as I don’t tolerate cow’s milk well. I still get the grit. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Adding more liquid helps some, but then it’s really watery :frowning:

Hey @russenoire,
Try adding ice and oat milk, it will thicken it up a bit! Let me know how it goes! :wink: