Getting to Know Our Huelers!


Woohoo, happy Hueling! Let us know if you need any help getting started, @rypaby!



Born and raised in Massachusetts but have been in sunshiny Los Angeles for the last 30 years. :sunny: :smiley:


Another Ohio Hueler here.


Yup, Houston here!


Texas for the win! From Corpus Christi, but am currently homesick up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Have lived in 6 states and traveled to/through many others.


Milwaukee Wisconsin! GO PACKERS!!!


@BoodaBuddy1 I was raised a Vikings fan and married into a Bears family, so I can’t with good conscience “like” your comment, but don’t take it personally. :joy:


Minisota vis Wisconsin.


I’m from Kansas I just got my first order today.


California! Lancaster to be exact. loving huel so far!


Kennesaw Georgia! Just NW of Atlanta.


Yayah! Got some more GA-s up in here! @Thunderstruck Acworth/Kennesaw is my childhood stomping grounds.:+1:Moved away from ATL to cruise the east coast and Caribbean on a :sailboat:️for 5 years before landing in LA. Still trying to determine which coast is the best coast! :wink:


West coast, Gulf coast, East coast. Have lived on all three and there’s no way I could choose.


If only there were Huel shakers in those photos! :persevere: But I digress. So gorgeous!


I didn’t have Huel at the time of these photos, but I promise my shaker will make it out into the world.


I’m from Colorado. Amazing place to live. Mountains, tons of hiking trail, lakes and parks. Huel is a real winner for hiking!


I’m in the panhandle of florida! Hello everyone! Got my first bag today!


HTX ! Is how the cool kids say it now…



Week #1 will prove my point:-)


Absolutely beautiful landscapes!