Last years Huel travel photos!

Its been 1 year since I started using Huel…in that time I have traveled alot and appreciate having easy meals and snacks. Below are some photos. Huel was with me when we traveled to…Massachusetts, Rhode Island, California, Arizona, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio

I really like the Huel bottle. I travel everywhere with it over the last year since I started using it. It gets noticed and people ask me about it and the products.

Here are some photos…enjoy! Maybe add some of your own to this thread.

[Uploading: IMG_20220116_161928_101.jpg…]


Welcome back to the forum, @Huel4Bill :hugs:!

These are AMAZING shots! Thank you so much for sharing them and your experience! It’s so great when we get to hear what our Hueligans are getting up to and how they’ve incorporated Huel into their lives and adventures. Speaking from experience I know that finding food that keeps you satiated and on your A game is SO important when traveling. I’m so glad that Huel was able to provide that for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Looking forward to hearing more about your future adventures and seeing where other people may have gotten to with their Huel as well! :two_hearts:


My only regret is I gave my bottle to my daughters boyfriend thinking he was going to start a subscription. Never happened. Typical. :wink:

Good thing I had 2.

Awesome! Love this. I too travel with my Huel, but I admit I love a well-blended shake so I travel with a blenderjet/bullet blender too. I love Huel. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for sharing the pics with us all. Have a great day.

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