New to Huel! I feel amazing

Hello Everyone! :grinning:

I received my first order of Huel last Monday! I’ve been debating between a couple of meal-replacement options, and Huel seemed like the best option for me. There’s a couple of reasons I decided to start using Huel. I live in San Francisco, meaning the room I’m renting has no kitchen (and that’s the norm here.) I’m a picky eater and would be fine living off a diet of chicken salad, mac and cheese, pizza, BLT sandwiches from the deli, and certain kinds of fruit; (mostly apples and strawberries.) My picky eating has been present since childhood, and it’s something I, unfortunately, didn’t grow out of in adulthood. I also work full time in an office while making progress towards my bachelor’s degree. I practice yoga every day and I play roller derby. Long story short, I’m a busy person and Huel has started to make mealtime a LOT less stressful. Since I’m a picky eater, it makes sense that I’m picky about the way I take my Huel too!

Upon arriving, the first thing I did was try it for taste. I got the standard vanilla flavor. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised that the taste didn’t repulse me. I’ve had some NASTY protein shakes in the past - so I was anticipating this awful chalky mess that I would have to force down. I second the common notion that Huel is best consumed chilled! The texture was a little much after shaking it, but I was able to tolerate it.

The first thing I noticed off the bat was how much energy I had after drinking it. I felt full as if I just ate a full meal. My head was clear, and I was able to focus. It was so bizarre - this is when I fell in love with Huel. I needed to experiment and play around with the texture issue. My office has a Nutribullet Blender - 10 seconds in that and my Huel turned into liquid! I LOVED it! I got a small hand-held drink mixer for 40 dollars at Target for when I’m home. Takes about 30 seconds but still works the same! The vanilla flavor is honestly, not that bad, but adding a dash of cinnamon when blending is GOLD!

Last week I experimented by just replacing lunch. This week I’m going to play around with the idea of replacing Breakfast and Lunch.

So far I’ve enjoyed reading others experiences, as it what got me to try it! So I figured it would be best to share mine as well.


Yay! This is so awesome to hear, @jaden. Glad we’re able to help make your life less stressful. PS- I totally empathize with the lack of kitchen! #CaliLife