What's your Huel story?

Hey guys! The Huel team is curious about how you all found Huel. We’d love for you to share your personal Huel stories with us. What made you try the product? Did you see a friend drinking it? How did you become a Hueler?

Feel free to share any stories you have!


Hey Alex! I believe the first ad I saw for Huel was on Instagram. Had no idea what it was but the name was catchy so I decided to click. I had been thinking of trying some type of meal replacement (Soylent for one) to save money and eat healthier. It was perfect timing for it!

Took me a while to pull the trigger and buy but after some research I decided to give it a go about a month ago… and I’m glad I did. In that one month I am already down about 10 pounds just swapping out a fast food lunch for a Huel! And I’m having fun trying new flavor combos and just bought a blender to add additional choices!


I had been interested in trying Soylent when I first heard of it, but nothing I read about it made me pull the trigger. There were just enough… off things about it that I just didn’t do it.

I was looking into it again and Huel popped up in my search bar, and some of the nutritional things I wasn’t thrilled with in Soylent were managed in Huel, so I decided to try it.

My girlfriend and I have been using it for about a month now, and I really quite like it. I use the unflavored gluten free stuff, and then throw in a half teaspoon of one of the flavorings and about 1/8 t of stevia (about 2 tablespoons equivalent of sugar), and I’m very much enjoying it!

I’ve always had a problem maintaining my weight, because I am very conscientious at work, follow my diet plan very carefully, and then come home and just am too tired to bother following a plan, and end up eating way too much.

So the plan now is to follow the same diet plan during the day, and then come home and have two servings of Huel in place of dinner most nights. And then on the weekends, maybe allow myself to be a little more free with the calorie consumption.

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I was struggling with lunches at work, then saw Huel advertised on Facebook. Since getting the initial batch for that, I’ve moved over to using it more intensely.

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Huel came across my Facebook feed as a sponsored post. I clicked the link and read the website. It was good timing since I was looking for some kind of convenient food for use at work where my dinner time is variable and my ability to heat food up is kinda limited (read: it takes too long to walk to cafeteria). I was also in the process of trying to shed some poundage. I liked the fact that Huel was low GI and had almost no sugar. I also like the taste of oats and one of my favorite smoothies at the local Tropical Smoothie is their oat-based one.

Ordered my trial 2 shipment bag. The first taste of Huel + water was reasonably enjoyable. And then I found it was very easy to flavor it up. I found that I could prep the Huel before work and bring in insulated bottles. Very convenient and able to be sipped at any time, even if I wasn’t on my official break time. I also found that Huel stayed with me a long time after drinking it, further enhancing it’s convenience at work.

Through a combination of Huel at work + exercise 4 to 5 days per week + Intermittent Fasting, I have shed roughly 30 pounds since last year. But more importantly, I have liberated myself from sugar addiction and can now go much longer in between meals. I prefer how I feel when I keep my insulin levels low. It’s a return to how the human body is supposed to process food and adapt between meals. Sustained energy without this “6 small meals a day” nonsense. And Huel is a very easy way to consume food at work while making sure it’s balanced, healthy, and has all the nutrients I need. I don’t need to count calories or worry if I am getting enough X or Y. Plus, I eat “regular food” on my days off or my meal at home during my work days. So I don’t have to sacrifice anything, I still get to enjoy eating at restaurants and eating jerk ribs every once in a while.

After a few months of using Huel, my GF has now asked me to make her a dose for work and is starting to see the benefits as well.


It was an impulse buy after seeing an ad on Facebook during a time when I was having some pretty serious issues eating a proper lunch at work. I was doing a bunch of meal prep research when the ad popped up and haven’t seen once since, so I wonder if y’all were doing some clever targeting there? Regardless of that it worked and I’ve been a happy Hueler ever since :slight_smile:


I discovered Huel on Facebook. I’m not sure what made me click the link but I did and decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. Huel makes me feel good and satisfied so I’m not constantly thinking about food. I haven’t lost weight yet but unless I start making my Huel with ice cream, it has to be better than what I was eating.


I’ve been living off of “Huel like” MRPs since 2014. My old provider, 100% food, had a low carb high protein blend, but went out of business. When I finally finished eating my stockpile I had to find a replacement.

I browse reddit.com/r/soylent for general lifestyle discussion, but I actually found you via a facebook ad. You are, as far as I’m aware, the highest protein MRP available to me, and your pricing is solid, so I tried a couple of bags, gave it a thumbs up, and now I’m eating your powder 3x a day monday through friday.

Just for fun: All of my coworkers think I’m insane living off of shakes during the week, but it works for me and I’m in the best shape of my life.


My co-workers think I’m insane too.

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A significant source of Lactose so people who are intolerant to dairy should take a digestive aid. Used Huel to replace one meal a day for 2.5 bags but it’s starting to cause gas and bloating problems. Will not be using anymore.


No milk, dairy, cheese, or any ingredient that contains lactose that I see. Sucralose is not lactose. It is an artificial sweetener used in very small amounts that does not absorb and is not metabolized by any enzyme. I am lactose intolerant and have not experienced any lactose-related issues with Huel (because there is no lactose).

Your gas and bloating is likely caused by the fiber content. Although Huel uses a recommended amount of fiber, most people (like, my old self), eat inadequate amounts of fiber so that when they move to a product with a healthy amount of fiber it can have in impact at first. Eat a fiber one bar and you’ll likely experience the same thing. This bloating and gas go away over time. You can drink more water to help. You can also start with 2 scoops instead of 3 to ease into it.


Thanks, but your response is not relevant to my situation.

How’s that?

It seems like he directly addressed your issue with the product.

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I clearly indicate that I have been taking the product for some time now while Deron’s recommendations are targeted towards someone just starting to take the product. My feelings of excess gas and bloating are a recent phenomenon that has been building up while using Huel for a period of time.
Deron mentions “scoops” in his post. I have never received a measuring device with any of my shipments so this advice doesn’t have much meaning. I’ve always gone by the recommended serving of one cup (500 calories) and as a replacement for one meal per day.
While starting to take Huel, I experienced the same symptoms that I would if I ate food containing lactose, and taking a lactose digestion aide cleared up those symptoms. Therefore, my recommendation to take Lactaid or a similar product would still be good advice.

I just want to check that I’m understanding correctly. You have been using Huel for some time but only recently developed these symptoms? Is Huel definitely the culprit? Do you eat/drink other things?

As for scoops, I’m drowning in them. They keep sending them to me. 1 cup means nothing in the UK though.

Even if you don’t know what one cup is or what calories are, certainly your packaging of Huel must list what a serving size is, and in multiple units - so you should be able to make an easy conversion. I wouldn’t have spent the extra time and money figuring out how I could safely take Huel if I didn’t enjoy it - I could have just went to one of the many competitor’s products. The only reason I’ve stopped taking Huel is because it has become detrimental to my health. Huel will not work for 100% of the people who try it.

“Huel will not work for 100% of the people who try it.”

I imagine this depends on your definition of “work”.

I mean, chicken won’t work for 100% of the people who try it either… It’s a food. Some people will like it, some won’t. Some will have reactions or allergies to it, some won’t. But I don’t really think the concept of “working for” people applies in the sense that all it need to do to “work” is provide nutrition.

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Huel is devoid of lactose/dairy, as it is vegan. Pea protein actually has a reputation for causing bloat in people who aren’t adjusted to it.


Seems like Huel can make some people cranky. :angry: