Getting to Know Our Huelers!


Hey all!

We might be part of the same Huel community but I know we’re all from different states. What state does everyone live in? We’d love to get to know you all better!

As for me, I’m from Texas! Any other Texas Huelers here?


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Arizona gal, born and raised, but I’ve also spent time living in New Orleans, North Carolina, San Diego, and now sunny Los Angeles.

[I like to move. Can you tell?]


Born in Texas, raised in Las Vegas, traveled the world for 20 years thanks to Uncle Sam’s Yacht Club, spent a couple of years in Ohio, now in So. Cal. Plan to retire (again!) in a few years, going to travel the US.


I’m a Texas Hueler! Transplant, but hey.


In the Lighting Capital of the Sunshine State. AKA central Florida.


Born and raised in North Florida. Ready for some cool weather but a chilled Huel for lunch helps a bit!


Washington State here but coming to an airport near you on a regular basis.


Los Angeles born and raise :city_sunset:


Georgia Peach here! Just outside of Atlanta.


The gulf coast of Florida. Sarasota County!


We have a Georgia peach on our team too! Don’t get @sherry_huel started on those Atlanta Braves.


Raised in Ohio and transplanted to Arkansas when I turned 20.


Brooklyn, New York and I’ve been using Huel on and off for the past 2 months…


Massachusetts Hueler here, born and raised


Ooh, what part of Texas? I’m from the Fort Worth area! Hey fellow Texan. :wave:


Checking in from Detroit!


Tampa Bay area of Florida!


I am from Los Angeles California



New member her and ordered my stuff yesterday. Can’t wait to get started. I’m in Ohio.