Getting to Know Our Huelers!


I’m from the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. Waiting on my second shipment of Huel…love the product! Losing weight and feeling great without starving or feeling weak. Huel on!


I am going into day four of being on Huel. I use it for 2-3 meals a day so far and I love it. I was scared reading some of the reviews as some didn’t like the taste or the texture. I ordered the chocolate flavor boost. I have also been adding some frozen strawberries and/or raspberries. I absolutely love it so far. I am from Wisconsin. My eating habits have been horrible for my entire life and I am almost 44 years old. It is time for change and this is my path forward. I am 6’2" and starting out this journey I weighed in at about 308#. Let’s do this!


Here is to hoping you are right!!! Go Pack Go! And to hoping Khalil does not play this time around!


Tomorrow will make a full week with doing huel three times a day, 2 meals and one snack. I have enjoyed the experience and to know that I am in total control of how I make it, it’s amazing. I’ve been doing tweeks Here and there, but over all I’m soo happy with this investment in my self. I have motivational shaker bottles that I but my shakes in to keep me encouraged.


Oh my gosh, love the motivational shakers! We’re proud of you for investing in yourself, Adriyan, and we’re here to cheer you on! Keep it up!


Two weeks on huel now here in central florida



Been on huel for about 2 months. eating a meal a day.


1-0!!! Off to a good start!


Rural south-central Wisconsin.

Been wanting to start Huel for a couple of months, but wanted to wait to see if I had gotten one of the jobs that I applied for, because new job + drastic change to diet = recipe for disaster.

Now that all of that is settled, I placed my first order today :slight_smile:


I have lived in Atlanta area since 1992! Moved here after getting out of the Navy. I could not do another Illinois winter!I love


Hi from Florida! I lived most of my life in New Mexico. I miss it . Especially the green chili!! I have finished my first bag. I love it!!


Love Huel. Love green chile. Not together though…LOL.


Just got my first shipment today - excited to start. Chicago here.


From the great American city of Des Moines, Iowa. On day 3 of Huel and loving it so far. Already got my wife to order a second batch. Lets gooooo!!! :slight_smile:


From Japan to Alaska. I hope Hawaii is next. :palm_tree:


San Francisco, CA. Born and raised. I’m 27 and a father of two. Just got on Huel.


Council Bluffs, Iowa.


Southern California here


currently, maryland… started hueling in southeast ohio, grew up in the caribbean, with a few stops in between…