Gave some Huel away!

I had 2 colleagues at work that were interested in Huel, but apprehensive about the initial investment. So I did my good deed for the month and gave each one off them an unopened bag of vanilla v1 and split the 1/2 bag of chocolate that I did not like between them. One of them will be a for sure customer and will be making his order this next payday, the other one likes it and is debating replacing his current protein shake with Huel.

I probably could have sold the unopened bags, but feel I have done a better thing overall by spreading the good word that is Huel with friends!

Has anyone else given it away to share the experience?


Gave a big baggie sample to sister and brother in law. They bought a few bags and occasionally eat it. My wife started using my Huel months ago and now I end up making two doses each night, 1 for each. I gave away a few samples to two coworkers but I don’t think they’ve come on board. Sadly, my real life success at proselytizing for Huel has been so-so.

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I’ve been given some extra bags by a friend who has a subscription running. It is always a nice surprise.

I’ve also shared with him different brands that I consume. It is nice to compare what we think of each. We do not always agree.

Good thing that you sharing though. I get that the initiall investment is too big. Keep doing the good work!


I haven’t given any away, but my brother bought some just after Thanksgiving when I mentioned it was pretty much all I was eating. Him and his wife apparently find it very convenient after a day of chasing around three kids. They went for the unflavored/unsweetened powder, which I have yet to try. My brother says it kinda tastes like “peanut dust in water, it’s pretty good.”

My mom was curious as well, and I told her I would give her some sample bottles of the RTD but I forgot. She got tired of waiting and bought a box each of Vanilla and Berry RTD. She loves the Vanilla, and is less enthusiastic about the Berry, so I’ve been trading off my Vanillas for her Berrys.

My dad, I don’t think he’ll try it. You lost him at vegan, I’m afraid.


My coworker friend is buying chocolate soon, because I have given him samples. Another friend from school bought some after asking me about it. I always speak highly of it.

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