Hello to Huel, so long Herbalife

So much for Huel’s plan to reduce waste. I just dumped out my last 2 cans of Herbalife formula one. At least I’m recycling the containers!

I recently purchased vanilla Huel powder off Amazon for $37.50 each. Now I have purchased it direct for much cheaper with a subscription. Within my first 2 days of using Huel I felt much better, stronger, more energy and overall wellbeing. When I switch diets I usually get sick to my stomach for a few days and I didn’t have that problem with Huel for some reason.

I’ve used herbalife for years when I want to cut weight. Yet it was always very hard to get into the consistency of taking it daily since I would get so hungry. With Huel I haven’t had that issue either! Straight off the bat I’ve been able to switch out 2 meals a day to the powder and it’s great. I’m not big on the taste by any means but I’ve read a lot of topics here to understand that most people doctor up their drinks. I just ordered 3 more vanilla and 1 chocolate, plus banana, chocolate and chocolate mint flavor boosters. I’m hoping they will give me the satisfaction I need to continue using this product for a long time. I’m beyond estatic to have found something nutritionally functional that curves the cravings.

Thank you Huel! I found what I’ve always been looking for. What I hoped someone would finally produce. Thanks to your consistent Instagram marketing I finally cracked and tried it. I would only recommend you Market the product as a product that is beyond comparison to anything else out on the Market. After my research, there really isn’t anything else better or even close.


I never tried Herbalife, but after introducing Huel to my diet it will become part of my lifestyle, not a short term diet. I am on day 14 of twice per day and have more energy than I have had in over 2 decades.

I’m with you on the flavor of it plain, but doctored up I have found several ways that I really like it, and wake up every morning looking forward to my breakfast of Huel. The breakfast shake is 18oz water, 1oz unsweetened apple juice, 1 scoop vanilla, 1 scoop u/u, 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries. I blend it the night before and let it sit in the fridge overnight. At least for now I don’t want to find another breakfast recipe, as I really love this! I drink it at about 6am when I get to work and don’t have anything until lunch at noon.

Dinner is where I am really experimenting with flavors, and adding variety. Everything from Apple cinnamon, to double chocolate with almond milk, to making it like porridge with instant miso soup added and eating it warm.

Enjoy your Huel experience and welcome to the community!

Making my Huel hot as a porridge is one of my new favorite ways to do it.

A simple method is just 2 or 3 scoops of vanilla Huel. Add enough milk to make it a thick “batter”. Add apple cinamon Huel flavor or just sprinkle cinnamon on it (or also add plain applesauce into the mix). Microwave for 2.5 min. Stir and add some more milk if needed to thin. Microwave another 30 sec to 1 min. Ready to serve. Or you can add raisins or fresh fruit on top.

Another method is mixing: old fashioned rolled oats, Huel, raw sunflower seeds, cinnamon all mixed into container. Pour enough milk to cover the stuff, stirring in. Let set in fridge overnight. Microwave next day when ready. Eat as is or also add fresh fruit or raisins on top.


“Thank you Huel! I found what I’ve always been looking for. What I hoped someone would finally produce.” “After my research, there really isn’t anything else better or even close.”

AGREED! I was looking for a nutritionally COMPLETE meal and finally found Huel. And its ingredients are superior than anything I’ve found with all my searching. I’m a customer forever.


Sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing with me.