New Hueler and loving it


I just started huel at the begining of May as an efficient way to get what my body needs everyday, everytime, for every meal. I reasearched huel for over a month before hand and was very impressed with the product, mission, and packaging. I’ve had great results and I’m sharing the love with everybody that’s interested. My daughter is useing some for a mid-day snack, her fiancé grabbed a baggie sample to use as a pre-workout shake, & my son is even dipping into my bag with curiosity and a passion for making fun flavor boosts! I love inspiring ppl to live a healthier life. I’m starting with 2 shakes a day and an occasional meal. But my goal is to be completely on huel and only eat regular food on special occasion. I truely believe food is medicine and my goal is to improve my health and if I loose some weight, and have beautiful hair/skin then kudos.


Welcome! I’ve only been on this forum for a couple of weeks, and I’ve found some great info and a supportive community.

I am doing 2 meals a day with the U/U Huel. I put a heaping teaspoon of chocolate powder in it, and love it.

I’m also trying to share Huel wherever I go. I’ve told everyone at work about it, and I’ve brought a couple of baggies of it to friends so that they could try it. My goal is to be a Huel ambassador. :wink:

Good luck!