Which Flavor Boost w/ Powder?

Just started using Huel, and so far I have only tried the Black Vanilla and Black Chocolate. I am looking at getting the flavor boost sampler with my next order.

My question is to the Hueligans who have tried the flavor boosts with the Vanilla 3.0, U/U, and Black Vanilla.

Which powder do you prefer to use as your base and why?

P. S. I’m not looking for crazy recipes, I’m just going for the basic powder + flavor boost.

I use flavor boosts with U/U. I guess it would be too sweet if you added a boost to vanilla or chocolate.

Mocha is pretty good. Mint chocolate is also good. Peanut butter is okay.

I tried the fruit ones before and I disliked all of them. They taste too much like the candy versions of fruit.

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Black Chocolate with Salted Caramel and Black Vanilla with Gingerbread are my go tos

New to Huel. I have been drinking v.3.0 vanilla with chocolate mint. Seems counterintuitive with the vanilla powder but I like it.