Blending Vegetables into Huel

Has anyone tried blending any vegetables into vanilla or chocolate huel? I’ve added many different fruits with great success. I would like to try with vegetables as well but I’m afraid it wouldn’t taste right with the huel being kind of a sweet flavor. I don’t really want to buy any UU just to try with veggies because I’m afraid I won’t like it and it would be a waste of money. Anyway, if anyone has already tried this and it wasn’t disgusting please let me know lol.

I’ve blended some spinach and carrots into the chocolate. The chocolate flavor covers up the bitterness of the spinach, and while the carrot canceled most of the bitterness of the spinach I think it would work better with vanilla or u/u. If you’re going to mix veggies, treat it like savory or bitter and add something to compensate.

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I’ve added lots of veggies to Huel, both black and white, chocolate and vanilla. I steam them first so they blend well. The taste barely comes through. I’ve added kale and spinach, as well as as carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.


Well that settles it. I think you’ve both convinced me to at least give it a try.

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I added some kale, raspberries, and cherries to my chocolate huel last night. I also added some kale and mango to my chocolate huel this morning. I am surprised at how good both experiences were. The flavor kind of reminded me of one of those Naked drinks.

Glad it’s working out for you :slight_smile:

I add frozen cauliflower rice along with frozen fruit to mine.


I’m new here, first post. I have been blending greens like kale, spinach, collard greens, mustard greens, carrot tops, beet tops, anything green into my smoothies for ten years now.

I plan on using my v3; 3/4 scoop, 1 cup plant based milk, 3 oz spinach, 3 oz kale blended at least 1 time per day, but probably two times.

What I have found is that what you find palatable now could be much different if you ease into it. By using a small amount of greens, a little fruit, (flavor packs I guess too) and getting the taste right, you can slowly work towards reducing fruit and increasing greens while your taste buds adjust.

I can tell you that when I started, consuming any greens in my smoothies was “odd”, but over a small period of time, I was at 4 oz of each spinach and kale, with some ground seeds for fat and a protein powder (unflavored / original) with just water; and I loved it, craving the “green” flavor and the great amount of energy that came with it.

Before I went vegan 10 years ago, my diet was almost always served through a drive thru and never contained veggies; so me craving the taste of raw kale and spinach in a smoothie tells me taste buds can be pretty dynamic.


Shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, spinach w/strawberries, blueberries, banana
Orange/mango juice

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