New to Huel! (Chocolate)

Hi all,

I am just over halfway through my first Huel mix… and I LIKE IT!!! I’m an incredibly picky eater, and for the most part, only like things that aren’t healthy. This is my try at meal replacement, and I’m a fan!

Anyway, I got the chocolate flavor, and to me, it’s a gritty, watery “hot” chocolate. haha It doesn’t taste bad at all. I actually enjoy it. I added some ice cubes before adding the water or the mix. And I think that actually helped mix it up a little better.

I’m excited to try the berry now too. But I can definitely vouch for the chocolate flavor. :slight_smile:


There’s something so satisfying about picky eaters liking Huel. Woohoo! :clap: Thanks for sharing, @Nags97.