Feeling scammed!

Placed my order last Tuesday, received an email said my order was fulfilled and shipped out on Wed. Then I use the tracking number you guys supplied and come to find out nothing has been shipped. Of course you charged me asap though and i’ve sent an email as well, which got no reply.

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Hey there. No scam here–I’ve contacted our fulfillment center to see what’s up. Your tracking should update in 24 hours.

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I certainly hope so!

Still no update! Loving the terrible customer service

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We’ve responded to your private message with all of the info. Your tracking should update soon–we have ran into a major delay when transferring over to a new warehouse.

Similar situation for me – I placed the order on February 14th. Have not received a shipment email regarding tracking information or anything of the sort. I need the shipment to arrive no later than Monday 2/24. I have a big exam and was counting on Huel as my meal source for the week including the exam days. Not sure what to do now, but pretty bummed. Huel did not provide any sort of update. Had to go fishing for help in the forums and found out through this thread that you are in the process of transferring to a new warehouse thus delays are abound. Really sucks.

This is the exactly what happened to my order that was placed 11/18. The ship date for the RTD was scheduled for 12/28/18. The order showed shipped on the 28th and didn’t move for over a week. The only way they would respond was through a blog, email was completely useless. They blamed shipping problems on the holidays, the carrier and everything else. The problem is customer service and their fulfillment process.

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@Awaiting_Shipment I know you’ve already ordered from the Huel site, and I’m certain you’ll eventually get what you ordered. They do care about their customers. Just sometimes there are delays. It happened to me once. But overall, I’ve had a great experience with their company, and their product is second to none in the complete meal category.

If you need some Huel quick, here is an option to get 2 bags shipped from Amazon quickly. Just be sure to select vanilla or unflavored and regular or gluten free. It can tie you over till you get your main shipment. And the powdered Huel has a long shelf life.


The same happened to me. I received last week the USPS tracking, but so far USPS hasn’t received anything.

@Deron thanks for the heads up – I actually went ahead and bought it from Amazon after leaving my original note. I have been using Huel for about 8 months now and it has been great. I am going to continue to support their business, as their product works for me.

My gripe is with the lack of information/misinformation regarding what is going on with shipments/orders. On the website it says it will take 5-7 days to ship, not including weekends, to ship to AK and HI. Great. But, it is clear that they Huel knew issues with orders were likely or imminent with their warehouse getting switched up. It is quite simple to provide a short notice to customers saying there might be delays, or something of the sort. It does not take a complete rebuilding of a website to provide such a notice. Just be frank with us, the customers, the life-source of your company. We are understanding and forgiving. Just don’t withhold pertinent information from us.

Hey there. We are always upfront about the issues going on here. HI & AK orders have ran into a dispatch issue–our fulfillment center has escalated this issue and is looking into it. We don’t know or can predict when an issue like this happens so sending out a notice beforehand is difficult. I find out the same time that you do–so we are all in this together.

As some of you may have seen in the past, Huel has ran into a lot of shipping issues in the US. Since we started in June 2017 here, we used one fulfillment center for all US orders. We grew really fast here and that center just couldn’t keep up with our orders. We have been transferring to a new fulfillment center since the start of 2019–this new company has multiple warehouses throughout the US which is major. With any big transition, there are going to be some hiccups. Some of you currently may not see tracking updated on their orders–we are aware of this and are working hard to get this figured out. I totally understand all frustrations–nobody likes to order product and have to wait longer than the expected shipping date! Of course, if you feel like you haven’t been assisted, please reach out to me. My private messages are wide open, but I’m also happy to assist anyone publicly. Our apologies for the massive inconvenience!


I can’t speak for other parts of the world, but i know here in South Alabama USA, when I place an order, its usually on my doorstep within a week, usually in about 4 days. That’s pretty good customer service as far as I’m concerned. Sometimes things happen, give them a chance to make it right.


Thanks for the explanation, is understandable and great Huel is having such a demand.

It seems Texas is having problems too, right?

Is there any estimate how long is the delay going to take?

Finally received my Huel shippment! Unfortunately it only contained 1 bag of unflavored mix not 2 but something is better than nothing i guess.

I got my bags too! Everything came as expected!

Tracking is still not updated, but everything arrived. I love the flavor boosts! Chai and strawberry are delicious. Still need to try banana!

Thank you folks.

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Heyo! I’ll ship out the missing bag to you now.

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Same here, been ordering for about a year with no problems, I order with a 2 bag surplus at all times. When I’m down to 2 bags order 2 more.

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Took a break for awhile. I tried the chocolate and berry when it was introduced, and I just really didn’t like the taste. I fell off the Huel wagon as I tried to choke that stuff down. Maybe I should have just thrown it away and went back to vanilla, but I hate to waste.
ANYWAY, I finally ordered two more bags of vanilla and it showed up today! Order placed around 3:30pm day before yesterday. FedEx pulls up at 10am this morning with my Huel. Honestly, does it get any better than that? Walked in, tore open the bag, mixed my Huel and chugged it down. It has to be purely psychological, but I’m stoked to be getting back on track again.

My first order from Huel arrived in 4 days of order. I would imagine if you are experiencing delays, why not order 2 weeks before you are going to run out to compensate for any potential delays. Just my .02

I want to get the Huel Starter Kit however I cannot seem to locate it on the Huel site.

please advise