Haven't heard from Huel Support in 3 days

Here’s my original complaint: 9 bags of Huel not received

I still haven’t received any kind of tracking number or confirmation that anyone’s even working on this. My order was placed on Nov. 26 and it’s Dec. 6th now, and my replacement order still hasn’t been even shipped yet, so I’ll have to wait another 3-5 days on top of that whenever that gets taken care of. Is there any way to get anyone’s attention on this to make sure this goes out today? Is there even a phone number to this place? It looks like it’s all emails and internet forms. Wow.

Hey Jim. Can I have your order number? We will get this taken care of.

#248098 is my order number.

Hello? Tyler, are you still there?

We’re here, Jim! I have PM’d you with an update. I’m so sorry this is taking longer than usual to get your Huel to you. An order of 9 bags are in the works to be on their way very soon!

Yeah, that was from earlier, before you responded with the update. Thank you again.