Did I get Chocolate gluten free by mistake

I tried the Chocolate Huel and it didn’t have much flavor. Do you guys think I got the Gluten Free accidentally? I’m just confused because people on here talk about the Rich Flavor

Probably not. I’ve eaten gluten free and regular Huel in both Unflavored and Vanilla, and I cannot tell any difference between gluten free and regular. (The only reason I got gluten free was they were temp out of the regular Unflavored that one time.)

Sweetness and flavor are so subjective and highly dependent on the types of foods you have conditioned your brain to enjoy.

I have been adjusting my taste pallet over the last few months by forcing myself to eat less and less sweet things. I weaned down my sugar intake. I’ve stopped putting Stevia in my coffee or teas. I just had oatmeal this morning with no sugar or stevia added. I just added fruit on top. I had to force myself at first to eat this type of stuff, but after a few weeks my brain adjusted. Now if I eat something like a chocolate chip cookie, it tastes too sweet to me and I don’t like it.

Huel taste may take a while to adjust to. But if you force it, you’ll adjust soon. I now really like the taste of my vanilla huel and prefer it. But it wasn’t overnight.

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Gluten free Huel says it’s gf on the bag. The only difference (afaik) is that Huel’s gf means it has passed strict monitoring, but none of the ingredients in regular Huel have gluten anyway. (OPS, please correct me if I’m wrong)

Ryan, have you tried adding more sugar so you taste the sweetness that you associate with chocolate?

I was one such person to have made that claim. I should point out that the primary food I have been eating over the last 7 months is vanilla Huel, a taste that I found to be subtle to begin with. Compared to it, chocolate Huel is sweeter, but I don’t imagine any flavor of Huel will taste particularly sweet unless you have a low sugar diet to begin with.

Maybe you got my order by mistake. I ordered two bags of gluten free, one chocolate and one berry but didn’t get gluten free, I got the regular! I paid $70 for the wrong order, I’m really unhappy!

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You should definitely contact customer service is you aren’t happy about your order. The flavors do taste sweet to me, but I like that. I only problem is that I am having to use way more of the flavor boost then they say I should have to use. I love the mint chocolate chip one, but it is going to go away so fast.

Hey Ryan. There isn’t a difference in taste between the gluten free and regular chocolate. The label would say if it was gluten free.

Hey Kenny. Sorry to hear you got the wrong order! I’ll send out a replacement now.

Really Tyler? That’s awesome, I really appreciate that. When I eat gluten my hands and feet tingle so I can’t even force it down. Can you send me a few scoops also, you didn’t send me any with this last order. And one last thing if you could please send it USPS, FedEx doesn’t make any efforts to deliver to my building, it took me over a week to get the last package. I even tried to get them to deliver it to the FedEx office down the street but they said that your company put a restriction on forwarding the package so after a week of the driver having it on his truck I had to coordinate with their main offices for me to go to the truck to get the package. If you’ve already sent it perhaps you could remove that restriction do I can have them deliver it to the office down the street. Anyway, thank you again for doing this, I didn’t complain about it to your company because after all the hassle if getting the wrong order and chasing the package for a week I pretty much just gave up.

I’ll send some scoops your way. We can’t specify delivery services at this time so I can’t process that request.

Hey Kenny! Just checking that you got your replacement order on Wednesday, the 9th. :+1:

I did, thank you very much for the outstanding customer service, ? I really appreciate it!