Experiences with Gluten Free Option? Please share

Has anyone tried the gluten free option? Taste? Is it the same nutritional values? Different ingredients? Please share your experience.
Thank you

Austin, TX USA

I tried comparing labels, but the nutrition labels on the website are copies for all Huels, whether unsweetened, gluten free, etc.

Same calories, all have oats, etc. Identical. So, I’m hoping it is accurate for Vanilla regular, which is what I use.

I make gluten free for my wife and regular for me.

I don’t think there is enough taste difference between them to worry about it - you’ll change the flavor more with whatever boost/juice/spice you add than you’d likely notice in side by side comparison of the base Huel.

Oats are gluten free but often are processed/handled in environments that could introduce gluten. Huel doesn’t need to change the recipe to be gluten free just be sure to source gluten free oats and follow and the manufacturing and handling requirements to ensure no contamination.

tl;dr taste difference, if any, would probably be attributed to a different source/batch of oats. The same sort of variation could occur between batches of regular Huel.

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You are exactly right. For people who simply try to avoid gluten as a dietary preference, there is no wheat nor any wheat gluten in the standard version of Huel, but it does not carry the gluten-free stamp simply because it is not manufactured in 100% certified gluten-free facilities, not transported in completely gluten-free trucks, etc. The gluten-free version of Huel is for those with a particular medical need or sensitivity that requires certified gluten-free products only.