Chocolate or Berry?

My latest shipment includes both Chocolate and Berry. Which one shall I try out first? I can’t decide! :joy:

One scoop each? :sunglasses:

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I just received both flavors over the weekend, and had my first shake of each yesterday. The berry was good, but very subtle. The chocolate was very nice; almost like batter but not that sweet. I had both plain with nothing but water yesterday to truly test the flavor. Today I added a banana to my berry shake and blended, and added some chocolate brownie protein powder to my chocolate shake. I expect PB would be another great option to pair with chocolate.

Overall I like both options, but I think my top choice will remain the vanilla.

I think I’m going to try the Berry first. I just finished the vanilla, and I added some unsweetened cocoa powder today to it, so it’ll be good to change it up to a different flavor. Thanks for the heads-up about the Berry being subtle. :smiley:

Berry is my favorite. Its not subtle to me, at least not compared to my usual diet of Vanilla Huel. The RTD and powder forms of Berry both taste delicious to me.


I finally tried the chocolate Huel powder and am in love! It’s like if brownie batter was less sweet, which is perfect to me since too much sweetness makes me feel sick. I definitely need to try adding powdered pb to it next!

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You know posting that is like putting up the Bat Signal to me. I could be in full REM sleep and if someone mentions PB on a forum, I’ll jump straight up from my bed and be like “someone say peanut butter?”

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So to summon @Deron, instead of saying “Beetlejuice” three times, say “Peanut Butter”. :rofl:


I’m enjoying my half UU/half chocolate. I think Vanilla may be my favorite over chocolate, though I will order chocolate now and then for variety. Next order will be UU and berry.