Ordered some RTD Huel and I'm pretty pumped!

I’ve been doing Huel for breakfast and lunches and I love the vanilla, not a huge fan of the chocolate at all so I’ve been mixing it 1 scoop chocolate and 1 scoop vanilla and I’ve been able to use it an not feel grossed out. I’m almost out of my vanilla so I decided to give the RTD huel a go so that my gf can try it out since she doesn’t like the powder but she’s also never been a protein powder drinker so it’s very different for her. I ordered the vanilla the berry so I really hope the berry is better than the chocolate since I was disappointed with it and probably won’t use up the chocolate powder I still have. I’ve lost about 8lbs using huel and it’s not my main goal as I’m 5"4 and now 122lbs I just wanna be healthier and look/ feel it as well so I’m loving it still


Update I got them a day early which was pretty awesome, but the vanilla is absolutely disgusting it doesn’t taste anything near to their powder formula and I’m so sad because I just spent a good chunk of money on it and I doubt I will ever drink it. The berry is ok I can drink that but omg the vanilla is awful!! You guys really need to start doing samples for your products because the chocolate powder is awful as well as the vanilla RTD and that isn’t cheap, I had higher expectations than what was delivered and I feel pretty let down as I’ve wasted money on 2 products that aren’t cheap and I will not use nor recommend for anyone cause they are disgusting :frowning:


Some people have said that mixing berry with vanilla might help.

I haven’t personally tried but…

People are mixing ready to drink products together?

Yup, but I was wrong with the flavours:

This is the first time I’ve had anything in RTD form that tastes worse than the powder I’m thoroughly disappointed. The chocolate was awful in powder skin I didn’t order it in rtd form and it’s made me rethink my future with huel