Berry/Chocolate feedback

I finally ordered and received the berry and chocolate. I am interested in what people think, and how they now rank the 3 flavor options.

For me, the berry was good, but very subtle. The chocolate was very nice; almost like batter but not that sweet.
Overall I like both options, but I think my top choice will remain the vanilla due to its versatility when mixing in other foods/flavorings. I would rank them Vanilla, Chocolate, Berry.

*I also asked for a new scoop. and I really liked it! I thought it was easier to use with the wider mouth, and the v1.1 powder seemed to stick to it less which was nice.


I just got my delivery of the newest version. One vanilla and one berry as berry was not available when i first started Huel. I quickly grew found of Vanilla and also have the cappuccino, banana, and chocolate flavor boosters on hand. I figured I would try the berry first since i already crave the vanilla.

Took my first chug and was surprised at the taste. Not exceptionally horrible but not what i am accustomed to coming from vanilla. Almost like a raw breakfast batter for pancakes or waffles. Perhaps flour with a touch of berry. Maybe it will have to grow on me.

If not, i am going to dump it in a stainless steel mixing bowl and mix half berry and half vanilla. Then fill the 2 bags back up with that mixture. I was hoping not to have to mix any fruit and such in it to taste better as far as the berry is concerned. As the shaker just fits what i put into it now, with 2 scoops, 400ml water, 3 ice cubes.

shake 15 seconds, like a bartender shake!! Then pop the top and pour more water in from the filtered water dispenser on the fridge door.

As i had said, only on my first chug of berry, so it may get better…

That is a good description. The Berry is not bad, just not as strong a flavor as I was expecting. Still a welcome option!

I really wish I could use mine up so that I can get the new flavors. I am trying. It is hard to know how long it will take though because how much I have and the number of scoops I have varies from day to day. It depends on what I am doing, what traditional food is available, whether I will like that food or not, what I feel like, and other things. For some reason, my vanilla is going away faster than my original. Also, I mixed in some mint chocolate chip with one of my bags of vanilla and that one is really going away fast. I may just convert all of my vanilla to mint chocolate chip. Apple cinnamon is fine too, but I guess I don’t like it as much as men chocolate chip because it isn’t going away as fast. Meant chocolate chip is my favorite. It reminds me of the peppermint mocha at Starbucks.

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I do not enjoy ANY of the flavored huel.

I will stick to unflavored and making different mixes unfortunately.

Soylent has a chocolate and sometimes nutty taste that i really wish they could emulate.