Chocolate and berry are great

So I was finally able to get the new flavors, and I think they are both great. The chocolate kind of reminds me of chocolate milk or of the SwissMiss hot chocolate mix. The berry reminds me of those instant packets of strawberries and cream oatmeal you can get. I’m talking about the taste, not the nutrition or anything like that. Also, the sharp aftertaste seems to be a lot less. With the chocolate, I can’t notice it at all. The flavor of the berry is not acidic similar to the oatmeal I described, but I did not think that it was week. I actually think it would be really good to add hot water to the chocolate one and it would taste just like hot chocolate. They did a really good job because I tried adding cocoa powder to mine, and I couldn’t really get that taste. Of course, I tried that before the chocolate came out. I was thinking of seeing what it is like with the caramel boost. I think the berry would also be really good in a bowl with berries on top. So I actually like both of them. I did not order the new vanilla because I did not realize that the flavor profile was actually different than the vanilla we had before. However, I don’t like vanilla as much, so I might not get vanilla next time. Right now, I’m not set up to get vanilla anymore. I think the food scientist or whoever is making the flavors is doing a good job.


Awesome to hear I went with your suggestion and my first order is Chocolate and Berries !

So happy to hear you’re a fan of our new powder flavors, Sabra! :raised_hands: You should definitely try the Chocolate Huel powder with the Caramel flavor boost, that’s my favorite!

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Chocolate Huel powder with PB2 powder and a banana or Huel banana flavoring… hmmmm? I need to try this combo.

How much caramel do you add? I am wondering because I want to taste both flavors. Normally when you add the flavor boost, the recommendation is based on you wanting it to be completely that flavor.

Sabra Ewing