Berry versus chocolate


I mostly hear good things about the berry, But people either rave about the chocolate, or say terrible things about it. I have chocolate and berry in my next order. I would like to hear your experiences with these two so I can know if I should get more chocolate or more berry. Currently, I am set up to get more chocolate. Also, have you tried putting the caramel flavor boost in the chocolate?


Chocolate grows on you… When I first got mine I was in love ! After a week I was wishing for my vanilla again. For me its a nice change, I do 100% huel 5 days a week. I keep a bag of chocolate around to mix thing up.


Wish they had RTD chocolate!


I actually liked the chocolate better than the berry, but the taste of both is too weird for me. Berry reminds me of kid’s breakfast cereal. Chocolate is like licking the bowl after mixing a chocolate cake. I will stick with the vanilla, with a little instant coffee.


@DM87 Maybe one day. :wink:


Both of those taste sounds good to me. I love children’s breakfast cereal like Froot Loops and tricks, and I also like licking the bowl after I eat chocolate cake or after I make it.

Sabra Ewing


I’m enjoying 1 part each of chocolate, berry, and vanilla. Reminds me of a slightly less sweet version of Neapolitan ice cream.


@JoeB, yum! :yum::clap: