Chocolate Huel Taste

:laughing: in the tropics, you’d best keep a good seal on things.


I need to get some of those boxes! Preferably dark colored to block light as well. I’m sub tropical, but have the same issue with humidity.


I had the EXACT same experience as OP!
What I find incredible is UU with about one teaspoon of 100% cacao
It’s “deliciously bland” if that makes any sense. It will if you try it! Do it!


Berry could be interesting to try. I did just order two new bags of Vanilla though. I like the Vanilla pretty well. Will you guys ever off the Rhubarb & Custard flavor packets in the USA like you have in Europe, that flavor was my favorite! <3

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Perhaps–that flavor component isn’t one that most Americans would tap into but I personally love that flavor too!!!

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What I don’t get is why Huel with the chocolate flavor boost tastes so different than pre-mixed chocolate. I like the flavor boost chocolate, the pre-mix is a non-starter for me.

Finally got around to tasting the Huel chocolate premix powder. Put it in oat milk and a scoop of my greens mix. Wow. Taste is great. I think I liked it better than the berry.

Ya’ll who ain’t liking it can mail me your unopened Huel chocolate powder. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.


Hahahaha. Glad you like it @Deron.

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I just tryied my first Huel shake and went with chocolate as well. It’s not necessarily horrible, but it’s definitely not great. The taste reminds me of plain oatmeal, with a tiny bit of chocolate and maybe cardboard? That’s my best description. I am very used to Americanized foods and lots of sugar, so I imagine that’s why it’s tastes… not so great… for me. I ordered 3 bags of chocolate and 2 bags of vanilla, because I plan on going on a Huel only diet. I’ll try some of everyone’s ideas on here and hope I figure out what Tastes good to me.

Hey Huel! I have a recommendation! Offer a second chocolate flavor that is slightly more Americanized. Sweet like the vanilla but with a much more rich chocolate flavor. I really want to share Huel with friends and show them a great product, but at the moment, I don’t think I would be able to get anyone to jump on board with the current chocolate flavor. Thanks! :grin:

PB2 with cocoa powder is a good addition to the chocolate.

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As an American, I love the less sweet Huel formulation. As someone with a metabolism that easily throws me into hypoglycemia after sweet foods, I have come to dread overly sweet tastes as the things that will produce jitters in short order. Huel nails it for me with mild sweetness.

I also wonder whether a sweeter Huel would be a healthy Huel. The scientists need to take over here, but I’ve read a number of articles that suggest that sweet flavors mess with our minds and endocrine systems.

Thanks for the suggestion Blake!

There is some evidence to suggest that sweet flavours can cause a weak insulin response. However, this won’t mess with our minds or endocrine systems don’t worry. The difficulty with making a sweeter Huel is we wouldn’t want to use sugar because of the effects on teeth, adding calories and affecting the nutritional composition of Huel.

So, we are left with sweeteners all which have their own positives and negatives and maximum amounts allowed in foods.

I have to agree, I tried my first Vanilla yesterday and my first Chocolate today and I am Not Impressed by the chocolate flavor. And I am a chocolate lover, so I never thought vanilla would be my preferred flavor. The Chocolate is just… not very chocolatey. With an aftertaste.

I don’t think adding sweetener is the answer, at least for me. I like dark, rich, bitter, chocolate flavors, and what’s lacking here doesn’t seem to be sweetness, but chocolate itself. Someone in another thread mentioned adding Godiva cocoa powder to their UU, and I just happen to have a recently gifted tin of it on hand. While I hate to add sugar to Huel, I wonder if a spoonful might do the trick here?

Honestly, I’m very disappointed with the chocolate flavour it’s almost unbearable I’ve been struggling to get it down me the taste is that bad. The vanilla on the other hand is much nicer but not that bags almost finished all I have left is the chocolate and I don’t think I can have it anymore…