Cannot handle the taste

Well, I introduced my friend to Huel. I gave her a new bag and the booklet. She drank it as her first meal today and the following was her response. “Just can’t handle the taste and im not going to go though the trouble of adding stuff to it, i just know i wont stick to it. I’d rather give back for you to use.”
This is very honest feedback.
The questions are:
1.what causes a person to like and appreciate Huel meals?
2. What causes a person to commit to liquid sustenance?
3. What causes a person to reject Huel meals after trying it?
Obviously, there are strong internal mechanisms at work here for each individual who adopts a Huel life. Kudos to all of you out there who did!! Really, it’s commendable that you make personal sacrifices toward the pros and cons of Huel meals. Not just anyone can incorporate this change into their life even if it is going to help them on many levels.
There is a definite mindset at work here, a definite paradigm shift to accept Huel meals.
I was previously “liquidarian” for many months so I can adopt Huel meals with great ease. In fact, I think about my next Huel meal and I don’t eat anything until I can get to my Huel drink at home. I run to it!!! I don’t think about what it can do for me, no; I like Huel meals! I’m happier drinking Huel. The rest of my changes will happen on their own. My brain is happy and my body is satisfied.
It’s okay that our friends don’t want to incorporate Huel meals in THEIR life. However, they are your friend and they will observe the visible changes. So give it time and keep going on your Huel path. We are what we eat, and we are making the right and consciously responsible choice to eat Huel meals. Two thumbs up!!!

Speaking purely from my own experience with Huel.

  1. I came to huel because I work in a small town of farmers in the oil field and the only available food is gas stations and fast food. I want to live a healthy lifestyle and for the most part i do.
  2. Huel is attractive because of how easy it is to store and maintain. Just add water, great lets go.
  3. Its utterly repulsive by itself. I literally describe huel as if i bought a bag of flour and added water and tried to drink it and keep a smile. Its impossible. I was expecting it to have a more dominate vanilla flavor. I hoped it was similar to protein flavors an d taste but its not even close. Im not sure what to do, i love the idea of keeping Huel as a part of my diet, but it needs a face lift in the flavor department.
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I never found it repulsive per se, but I certainly expected more vanilla. I used it for a few weeks, then stopped. Then a few months later, I finished off the bag, and ordered two more bags.

That was three months, ten bags, and 28 pounds ago. I have eight more sitting in a box at home. The flavor for me went from not bad to mildly good, and the fact that the flavor is not overpowering is one of my favorite aspects now.


WOW!!! That is incredible!! That’s a big weight loss! I can only imagine that you feel new and glad you stayed with the program. I love the taste myself, yet I prefer it cold. I would like to make a Huel “frappichino,” if there is such a thing. If not, I will create my own. lol

You made me laugh!!! And how very interesting where you work. I love small towns, but I live in a city. And Huel is like flour; no SlimFast here. But I am cuckoo crazy about it; yet I cannot explain why. It may be similar to your resolve that it is food that is “convenient.” Also, I think eating solid foods disturb me sometimes. I feel tired at times, and sometimes agitated after eating solid foods. But with Huel, it’s lightweight, and I don’t feel weighed down after 500 calories. It’s almost like air, it’s just never a “stuffy” feeling after eating. I also live in a hot climate, so Huel helps maintain a cool temperature after eating; not heated like when consuming solid food.
I’m glad you found a solid source of food for your performance and endurance on a challenging job in the oil field. But all those fields under a canopy of beautiful stars at night must be a delightful job perk!!

Best thing to do is fix Huel in a blender or a NutriBullet because it has to be mixed enough or it will be grainy or even chunky which is definitely unappetizing.
I don’t know why anyone would shy away from quick add-ins. I throw in a banana (even better when they are overripe) and a spoonful of peanut butter sometimes a squirt of chocolate syrup. My recent favorite is cranberry juice or Cranapple or Cran-grape then the peanut butter and it tastes like a PBJ — love it.

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