New to forum, some observations

I tried Huel and now just started my subscription. Huel is a very quality product. I’ve been in exercise physiology and nutrition my whole life and this is the best of it’s kind I’ve seen. I’m just starting on this forum and do not mean to get off to such a bad seeming start but here goes:
I’m at a real loss to understand the whining and complaining about this product. Taste? There is nothing in its taste that’s offensive, and in fact, it’s quite pleasant. Mixability? Just how incapable are these people? Put water in the jug, dump the HUEL in on top, close the little cap, shake for 10-20 seconds…done, drink it and shut up. What are you looking for? An answer to your lives? It’s a meal replacement drink, not a Friday night martini. Drinks like this were never meant to replace a juicy steak and baked potato. They are tools for people looking for health improvement, weight loss, diet control, etc. They also are great for people on the run etc., to ensure an adequate diet.

I use 2-3 Huel meals a day, am losing weight, have no loss of energy even though I workout hard every day. And it has significantly reduced the time in my life that I waste acquiring, processing, cooking, and eating food. I never realized how much of life is used up dealing with eating. Not that I don’t have my steak and potato every now and then as a break.

Also, a big one, my wife has trouble with her blood sugar as type 2 diabetic. Taking a Huel meal late in the evening before bed has stabilized her sugar overnight perfectly, so she wakes feeling great and with a normal glucose reading. That’s because it’s balanced food with a very low glycemic index. It’s PERFECT for this problem. If you can’t handle the taste and are too weak to shake a bottle a little bit, you have bigger problems than what a meal replacement product is used for.

There you go, ignore me, flame me, whatever. Great product, period.



We like you, William.

Bravo! Not much I can add to this. Well done.

Great post!

I’d also like to add that it’s super easy to mix up if you use a blender. Put Huel in first, then mix-ins (I like fresh strawberries or a bit of orange juice) then fill the rest of the blender up with water up to the 1L mark and blend the heck out of it. Takes maybe 5 minutes to make my two Huel meals for the day in the morning before I go off to work.


Amen! Huel on! Huel has been a perfect solution to my blood sugar woes as well.

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Great post. I couldn’t have said it better. Welcome.

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