Making the transition

Ok I’ve been drinking Huel for about a week. I haven’t suffered any of the “initial issues” that some others have. And good and bad I’ve become nearly addicted to it. Before I got my order I was going to force myself to drink for 1/2 meals no matter the taste. When I first got it I fell in love with it. Maybe because I didn’t set my self up to be wowed by the flavor. Anyway I love it so I’m moving to 3 meals a day. For me this should be pretty painless right now. I’m recovering from a relapse of EBV and haven’t been able to eat really any solid food. Nothing sounds good. Anyhoo. I was using Aloha protein which tastes pretty darn good but I’d end up feeling shaky after a which. Not blood sugar shaky almost more of a caffeine overload jittery.
I’ve jumped off the deep end of my quest for a nutrition filled healthy life recently after being a nutrition and wellness coach for a while now.
If anyone wants to join me I’m in it to win it. And lose some weight and get my life back. (From health issues)