Can I order a year's worth of Huel?

I’d like to order more than just 16. More like 104

Surely you’ve done the math on the cost, but have you considered the space you will need to store 104 bags of Huel?

I don’t think my pantry would be large enough. I would need a guest bedroom for it. :slight_smile:


That’s … a lot. Unless you’re not able to receive FedEx deliveries for an extended period or living in an underground bunker, like that 1999 Brendan Fraser movie, I’d recommend limiting it to a 3 month supply. After-all, there’s a reason we don’t see Brendan Fraser anymore. Probably got crushed under the weight of all his prepackaged food.


I want to make this order to save money, not because I fear the way this administration is acting on foreign policy issues

Are you looking for an additional discount for the higher quantity? I would imagine they settled on that maximum discounted rate as going too much lower than $1.77 per pack would put the price point in a range reserved for distribution partners such as Amazon. If its not for an additional discount, you can always get 7 maxed out subscriptions! :joy:

I feel like the bigger concern would be the shelf life of the bags. They promote a shelf life of 1 year but most bags received are already 2-3 months old.

That, is the only convincing argument on here to steer me off the “one year supply” idea

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