Reduce the minimum order

I’ve been Hueling about 6 months now and am typically getting over 80% of my daily calories from Huel these days. I have been using a subscription plan since I began. Recently I was preparing for an out of town trip and, while I knew on this trip I’d be eating daily non-Huel meals (what I refer to as “Food Classic”) at restaurants and such, I wanted to have Huel with me to fill in meals and make sure I can easily meet my nutrition/calorie needs (vegans are well-accustomed to planning ahead for their food security when traveling).

Since I was flying and my bag was already going to be tightly packed I preferred not to take Huel with me and instead planned to order a bag of Huel and have it shipped directly to my destination. I was disappointed to discover that there is a 2 bag minimum order – 2 bags would have been too much for the duration of this trip. It makes sense that there is a minimum quantity for subscription orders, and there is a 10% discount to justify the bulk/recurring delivery style, but why for a single order? The website says “Free shipping on all orders over $25”, so I had previously assumed I could order one $33 bag. But no, it requires a $66 purchase to ship at all. These requirements are confused and resulted in my not being able to get what I needed for the trip.

Please reconsider allowing single bag purchases.

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We are looking to explore more purchasing options in the future! I’m gonna send you a PM now to resolve this