So helpful during the coronavirus

All the stores around me are running out of food, and it’s really nice that I found Huel to provide me with a supply of food without taking up much space and has all my nutrient needs to last me for 2 years without needing to go to a grocery store. Just wished the rest of my family ate some of it too - but then again - it wouldn’t last me two years lol.


On my 1600 calorie diet (lower than most people), a bag lasts about 4 days. So either you have 182 bags of Huel lying around, or I think your 2 year estimate is a bit…off.

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Me too. I don’t have enough for 2 years but I’m def. stocking up for a few months.

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Maybe they worded it wrong lol, Huel does have a shelf life of 1 year at least. So maybe they’re saying if all the stores are empty it’s good to know that Huel can last that long if need be. I’m not sure if they meant it in this way but would make more sense :thinking:

Same! Im glad I bought some more a few weeks ago in anticipation. It’s hard to get even basic food items at grocery stores in this craze!!!

I usually drink my Huel with 2% milk. But the grocery store was all out! So I was like ok, Imma get almond milk, and that was all out too! Ended up snatching the last carton of oat milk in the store!

I’m confused. A bag has 17,000 calories, and if you’re eating only 1600 a day, how does it only last 4 days?

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@HuelMike I believe the 17,000 is per each two bag order so a single bag would be 8500 calories. That calculates closer to 5 days.

Yeah, I feel a little guilty to have had the thought, but personally relieved that I’ve found and am stocked a bit on Huel. I expect my next reorder in summer after maybe 90% diet of Huel.

Water, Huel powder mixed with chai, matcha, cocoa, etc and raw sugar to taste and I’m getting the majority of my needs better than a lot of grocery trips. Been doing that since October 2018. I’m relieved to not be contemplating venturing to the store nor feeling I’m changing my habits either.

Not a pleasant situation, but it’s another reason this product has been tremendous to me.


I add a lot of water. Each bag lasts me 4 months, and with my 5 bags - about 2 years. I eat other foods sometimes too (so it’s not 100% of my diet, otherwise it’ll be like you said) and added tiger nut flour to last extra long as well as pea protein (as it’s just not enough lysine in these bags for me).

I don’t care about expiration dates for dry food - as it could still be good for years after it. It’s the perishable foods that expire before the expiration date sometimes. @Grimscribe no, I didn’t. I guess I wasn’t specific enough maybe.

5 bags over 2 years!? Wow!

I’m closer to a bag just under a month, but I average 2 shakes a day.


My 3.0 Bags have 6,800 calories.

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If you can make 5 bags last two years, you’re basically not even eating Huel. That’s less than 50 calories of huel per day.