Minimum Expiration Date for Large Order


I’m a college student and thinking about investing in Huel as a cost effective, healthy meal for during the semester. I’m going to purchase a few bags first to see if I can handle it for a few weeks.

If it goes well, my plan is to just buy a large amount of bags that could last me the entire semester, maybe even the max of 16 bags in one order. I’ve read that the expiration dates are usually 9 or 10 months out when you order from the site, and I was wondering if there was a guaranteed time of how long I’d have to finish all the bags!

I’d hate to order enough for the semester and find out I only have a month before they expire, though I doubt that will happen (from what I’ve read). On Soylent’s page, I believe that if you receive it and it’s closer than 2 months to expiration, they’ll send you a new bag. Does Huel have a policy like this, or a length of time before expiration that I’m guaranteed with an order?

For reference, I plan on investing in the powder!

Thanks, y’all :slight_smile:

Hey Jennnifer, we don’t have a guarantee, but if you were to have pouches arrive that are within 2 months of expiry we will of course send out some new ones to you. Our Ops team are pretty good with stock and so the chances of this happening are very slim.

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I wonder why OP wants to order all the food for an entire semester.
Delivery is in about 3 days, and out-of-stock only happened once (that left me hanging for a month).
Thus, it’s usually safe to place the next order when you are down to 30 days of supply.

Because, you can save hundreds of dollars by buying in bulk.


Oh yes! The savings is a big one (I did the math and it’s saving a little over $100), and since I’m a broke college student, it’ll be helpful!

Also I think I’d just like knowing I have my supply of food for a while, in case something else happens. Last semester, when COVID hit, most of the student workers got laid off, so I’d also just like having a supply of food for then if it happens.

And I think if huel ended up being out of stock…since it’s one of the few nutritiously complete foods I can get cheaply, I’d be in trouble since I don’t know if I’d have another substitute (and I heard soylent’s delivery is like…terrible).

So tdlr: for the savings and security of having all I’ll need for a while!

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