Less waste, same great taste

As it stands, Huel is sold at a 2 bag minimum order @ 17 meals each. I order 3-4 bags to get me through the month with a regular meal every day. 30 days/2 shakes a day = 60 shakes/17 = 4 bags of Huel. That’s a little bit more waste than necessary, no?!
Why not make slightly bigger bags of 30 servings each. Then I would only have to order 2. Less trash sitting in landfills waiting to be burned. Or start a program to have empty bags returned to the packing plant to be recycled. When orders are shipped you could include a folded up return box.
Lower cost of packaging on your end, same benefits to customers. And with recycling straight from consumer you could pass savings on to us. 30 serving bags would cost roughly $65 dollars at going rate?? Maybe let that drop to $60. Everyone is happy. :wink::+1:


Thanks for the suggestion, we love hearing what you guys are thinking about.

One reason would be convenience for the consumer - it’s probably not ideal to have a pouch double the size and weight for storage purposes.

If you were to compare four empty pouches (which can collapse to be extremely thin) to the regular packaging of what someone would eat, it is quite frankly minimal! It’s not perfect but certainly a step in the right direction in terms of sustainability.

I must also add that the plastic packaging currently makes up just 2.8% of our overall carbon footprint and the use of plastic is still the most efficient packaging option. That being said, we are committed to improving our environmental impact and we are currently working towards our target of having all packaging fully recyclable by 2025.

That being said, thanks again for your post, you raised some interested points and suggestions!

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20 serving bags would bring my monthly purchase down to 3.
Huel could start selling storage containers to keep product in (remember mom’s Tupperware?!), making the selling of bigger bags redundant as the product would transfer to a storage bin once arrived.
Just spitballing here.
A split stand up tub to keep 2 flavors worth, or 1 flavor to rotate new and old product as orders are refilled.
First order would ship in buckets, cost increased to cover production of reusable bins. Refills ship at reduced cost in bigger bags.

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I would go for a 100 serving bucket of peanut butter black at this point


That would be awesome, I’ve attempted this in airtight jars, I currently have 4, for 4 different flavors. Unfortunately the largest jar shown disappointingly only holds 2 and 1/2 bags. I couldn’t find anything bigger that is also airtight.

If you ever find anything else do share :grin:


Look for storage for dogfood. I ordered a 50lb bag of food grade diatomaceous earth and managed to get about 60% of it in a large-breed dogfood bin. The lid screws in airtight and is designed to afford easy access for scooping.

If you are at all concerned about it looking like a dogfood bin (I’m not) you could use those Huel stickers…


2025? I’m sorry, but why does it take 4 years to achieve that goal?

Those look like plastic containers. If so, I would just caution you about long-term storage of anything consumable being stored in anything that’s not glass. I’m not as read up as I want to be on this subject but am currently in the process of changing that. Updates forthcoming.

I store mine in large mason jars myself. At least until something as good or superior comes along. Food-grade plastic buckets might fit that bill, although I have one that originally had pickles in it and no matter what I’ve tried, so far, I can’t get the smell of pickle juice to disappear. So if pickle juice leeching into the plastic is permanent, it stands to reason that the plastic is probably leeching into whatever organic material is stored in it, eventually.

The jury’s still out but I’ll update this post when I learn more.

Why plastic bags anyway? Why not recyclable paper as a material? I see no reason why this should not work.

How would u suggest they make the paper resealable? Can’t put a ziplock on paper, I don’t think.

Don’t make them resealable. Make them pre-measured 90 gram individual serving pouches!

Sure ya can…glue.
Reinforce portion of bag that has ziplock w/a sealant of some sort for longevity.

The initial purpose was to transport larger quantities w/less bags, transfer to other storage containers.

Less waste doesn’t necessary mean using less bags though. The bag material matters more, as many individual single-serve pouches made of a recyclable or degradable material could be better for the environment than one big non-recyclable and non-degradable bag. Plus smaller pouches could use a thinner material to make up for the added surface area required. Smaller bags will also keep the product fresher longer, with less risk of contamination or improper storage.

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This is very aesthetically pleasing. So organized lol

I love these. I believe they recommend storage in a container that blocks light to preserve the nutrients. If these are usually in a cabinet they are probably fine.