I may be the only one

But I actually like the effects of Huel on my digestive system.

I have IBS due to my gallbladder violently stating this relationship wasn’t working out in 2008 and Huel actually makes me regular.

I visualize it as the little brooms from Fantasia sweeping through my GI tract. I’m weird. It works. I like it.


I do two Huel doses per day on work days, but I do wish they would cut down a bit on the total fiber. Kinda tired of having 2 to 3 BMs per day. And i do get the potent Huel farts every now and then. I think it’s the flaxseed component that’s to blame for much of this. I’ll keep eating it since it has so many other benefits. But I wish it was toned down a bit.


i know my wife would definitely enjoy a decrease in the potency of the farts… it took me 38 years to get strep, but the first time it happened, it was twice in a month. ever since, nothing’s been “normal” back there… (TMI? sorry, not sorry) but since i’ve been Hueling (is that a proper usage?) i’m getting back to close to normal, so that’s a bonus!

For me the first week was a bit “explosive”. Now I have become very regular.

The only downside to me is super stinky farts but switching to unsweetened has help with that, though not eliminated.

My first few days with Huel were rough, flatulence wise. I’m talking “OMG I think I’m gonna pass out!” bad. Now I’m at the end of week one and the death cloud that once followed me around has subsided for the most part. I have noticed that if I eat greasy food around dinner time then that evening and the next morning are particularly rough. What is the moral? While everyone’s body is different, give your body time to adjust to the awesomeness of Huel and don’t eat dooky food when you’re not getting Huel’d.