Awesome flavor boost!

I have been 100% Huel now for a month and have been using these iso-splash flavor boost to change the flavors. They are really good and zero sugar and carbs, just be careful they are really concentrated!

6 Pack - IsoSplash, Food Flavoring, Zero Calories, Zero Sugars, MultiPurpose


Unfortunately not available in the UK :sob:

Seriously these flavor boost are amazing! I have already Reordered twice. My favorites are the cookies and cream, pumpkin spice, and bananas foster.


Gonna try it. Looks interesting.

Are you adding these to the Vanilla or U/U? How much do you add?

I add about 1 and a half to maybe 2 and a half squirts depending on the flavor, some seem stronger than others, or maybe cut through the vanilla huel I am adding to better. The Cereal milk and birthday cake were harder to notice probably because of the vanilla base to begin with. But for real the cookies and cream taste just like an oreo!

I know huel Has their flavor boost, and I don’t mean to hawk a bunch of other products on their forum But I feel like we are all here to work together to find flavors that will work for us that will keep us on our huel journey.
That being said I have also tried these ones. I saved the cotton candy one for my last huel of the day… aka dessert… :joy:
Milk Magic Liquid Milk Infusions Bundle (pack of 4): 1 Cookies & Cream, 1 Cotton Candy, 1 Orange Cream, & 1 Strawberry Cream


Devotion Nutrition Flex Flavor Stevia Instant Flavoring, Italian Almond Cookie, 0 Cal, Sugar Free, Stevia Sweetened, 30 Count

Devotion Nutrition Flex Flavor Stevia Instant Flavoring, Maple Bacon, 0 Cal, Sugar Free, Stevia Sweetened, 30 Count

Devotion Nutrition Flex Flavor Stevia Instant Flavoring, Peach Cobbler, 0 Cal, Sugar Free, 30 Count


My shipment arrived today. No way to put this politely: Ewww. In my opinion, these referral links were posted to make a quick buck.

@omikes, which ones did you try? I really hate splenda, the only one of the low-calorie sweeteners I’ll use is stevia. I was tempted to look at those Devotion ones (although seriously, 50 cents per pack is pretty steep!).

IsoSplash. I usually like sucralose but the cookies and cream flavor is distinctively off putting for me. I will try the bananas foster later today, but I am afraid of associating the same reaction I got from the other one with Huel itself.

I’m really tempted to try the Devotion ones… but the expense is concerning, and the reviews are a little TOO effusive, as though someone that works for the company decided to buy some under 5 different accounts and write their own reviews…

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Did the cookies and cream today - good stuff, I did one hearty squirt - I think maybe I’ll add some of either Huel chocolate flavoring or some regular cocoa powder, or maybe even another 1/2 squirt. This is FAR easier than measuring out sugar-free Jello powders.

The price points on these is what’s off putting for me. If the four bottles last me a few months, I’m cool, but I’m afraid they’ll only last like two months if that. :confused:

EDIT: UM. DANG. This cotton candy is the business. :heart_eyes:

EDIT #2: JEEZUS… The strawberry is RIDICULOUS. So, my two favorites are the cotton candy and strawberry - but I think the problem with the other two flavors is that it just needs a bit more squeeze.

OK, so I sampled 4 of the Iso-Splash flavors. I did a glass of U/U in water and another Vanilla Huel in water as my “controls”. I could sip them, sip water to clear mouth, then sip the new mixture to compare. I several attempts and flavors. Needless to say, sipping 20 or so times adds up and I am not hungry for my chicken dinner.

This is just my first impression and purely my opinion. Let me point out some things I noticed

  1. I prefer adding the Iso-Splash to Unsweetened/Unflavored Huel. When adding to the Vanilla Huel, the artificial sweetener in Vanilla Huel plus the ones in Iso-Splash would either “fight each other” or it would be overkill. It wasn’t horrible and some combinations were better than others. But my personal recommendation is to use these for U/U Huel. If used with Vanilla Huel, use very sparingly.

  2. Some flavors require more squirts than others. But all are fairly potent and only a little is needed.

  3. If you wanna try it, taste test it first at home and not while at work with your only supply of nutrition. You may not like that particular flavor or you may have overdone it.

  4. They are all using sucralose. So if you’re not into this, you won’t like them.

  5. When added to U/U Huel, the sweetness reminds me of Vanilla Huel, but with a different twist.

  6. Using a mix of water + milk (or just milk) makes this combo even better. Half milk + walf water + UU Huel + Iso-splash was the best combo for me so far.

So far, the vanilla birthday cake was my favorite. Sweet milk cereal was a close second. Cookies and Cream was decent, but less potent. ANd tomorrow I try the cinamon roll one.

I may change my tune after I’ve tried it for a few days. These are artificial, so it’s not gonna be as good as sugar or using real ingredients like bananas or berries. We’ll see how it goes.


Iso-Splash Cinnamon Roll flavoring is a go.

water + milk, U/U Huel, Banana, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Pie spice, Iso-Splash Cinnamon Roll = very good.
And my lunch one with just milk/water, U/U Huel, and Sweet Cereal Milk was good as well. These Iso-Splash flavor additives seem to be working out, if I use the U/U Huel and not vanilla Huel. But only use a little bit.

I’ll second the Vanilla Birthday Cake and Sweet Cereal Milk as favorites. The rest were good, didn’t care for the banana flavor, I don’t care for bananas to start with. Just placed my first U/U order, been using Vanilla from the start.

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That’s a nice set up @Deron


Today’s lunch dose is:

mix of whole milk + water, 2 scoops Unsweetened Huel, and the Iso-Splash cookies and cream flavoring (modest squirt). I added some extra water to make it real thin. It was chilled overnight. I’d rate it a 6 or 7 out of 10, in term of tastiness compared to all the Huel mixes I’ve ever made. Better than average. Fairly tasty. I think having it in a milk based liquid helps complement this particular artificial flavor. I also prefer my Huel doses to be thinner/diluted when using these Iso-Splash additives. That’s okay, since I need to drink more water each day anyway (kidney stone history).

I’ve added the cinnamon roll and the birthday cake one to my GF’s Huel doses. And today’s dose for her used the Unsweetened Huel. She had told me earlier to never use tht U/U Huel on hers since she thought it was really really bland. So I didn’t tell her I made her dose today with U/U and the Iso-Splash birthday cake (as well as some other additives). She remarked at how good it was. See, I guess we were both wrong about U/U Huel.

These Iso-Splash flavors are turning out to be a nice additive to the U/U Huel. And with 6 of them, it should allow for variety. I’m not saying I will use them every dose. But I certainly will mix them in and out of my daily rotations.

(No, I am not sponsored by and am not selling these things. I have no affinity with the maker of Iso-Splash.)

I am not affiliated in any way with these companies, I’m just a fan of huel and sharing some flavoring I have come across.

They are affiliate links though. You do gain money from purchases made from them, no? I just wanted to disclose that because for whatever reason, you didn’t. I would not have bought the flavor pack I did if I had known this, so I wanted others to be able to make an informed decision; In my experience people who tend to post affiliate links on diet related forums have not actually tried the product, although Deron has, and he seems to enjoy them.