Second Huel Order + Flavor Shot

Bought Huel 3 weeks ago, Vanilla, and was blown away. This product tastes great and I feel incredible. It wasn’t all roses to begin, I use to eat any and everything I wanted with no limits. Starting Huel was hard - I was hungry, tired, irritable, foggy - but it passed in a few days and I found myself going to bed just waiting to have my next drink.

Since I started I have had 2 shakes a day, and a normal dinner. Energy levels are high, I am totally full and all of my snack food, dessert, etc cravings are totally gone.

Flash forward to my second order: 3 bags of vanilla, 1 original + Chocolate flavor shot. Here is what I can say: the original tastes just like…nothing. It is uninteresting to drink. Had I gotten it first round I wouldn’t have ordered again. Chocolate shot - lacking. I ended up putting 2 of the servings in just to get even a hint of chocolate. I would say that from here on out it is vanilla only.

I am loosing about a pound a week currently. Hoping to go full Huel with only dinner Friday & Saturday night.

Anyone else have similar experiences with the flavor shots and Huel flavor itself?

I have been reducing my intake of sugar for a while, so the vanilla was too sweet for me.

That UU is neutral is a good thing - we can control the flavor and sweetness. I use 100 mL of juice to add flavor and sweetness. I haven’t tried flavor boosts because I’m still trying combinations of spice rack items, extracts, and syrups. Next I was thinking of using some chai powder or hot cocoa packet. The peanut powder seems to work well too.

If the boosts are intended for use with the sweetness of vanilla, instead of a double boost have you tried simply adding some table sugar to improve sweetness?

What types of juice have you tried? I enjoy silk very vanilla soy milk added to the unflavored. That way u can create the exact taste I want. I love it but I’d like to try a few more things. I’ve also mixed a banana with it and it was really good. I just ordered some flavor packs can’t wait to try them

Orange juice might as well be candy, a bit more sunshine in a glass than I want first thing in the morning.

Raspberry or Blackberry teas were good, but kinda subtle. Apple cider is good too, though I would also put “apple pie spice” (purchased mix of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg) to make it dessert-y

My current preference is diet V8 Splash red berry. I like it more than the V8 tropical probably for the color as much as flavor.

One of my coworkers mixes coffee into hers and stores it overnight in the refrigerator. I can’t imagine making coffee before bed; the smell would wake me up too much. :slight_smile:

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From reading your responses I realized how basic I am. The human body and how we all interpret flavors, etc. I would never mix the things you are two have said. I am glad that you have found ways to improve your experience. I think the vanilla is spot on.

Glad to know that this product seems to mix with…everything!

My wife says the vanilla is too sweet, and wants to mix the UU with bananas and other fruits such as yourselves. I am constantly on the go and making Huel has been a big time saver, no prep or anything just mix and shake - I am also not creative at all.

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I have not used the powders much yet. I started off trying them with UU so knew to add extra. I thought Chocolate was good with that, but I probably used closer to a tablespoon for 3 scoops Huel.

I have only had the vanilla base - I just got the flavor boosts - I went for chocolate mint and cappuccino. I had the chocolate mint and it tasted like a Girl Scout thin mint- I’m hooked! The vanilla is great to me and sometimes I just pour a coffee from work or make a cappuccino to add before I mix…

I will let you know how the cappuccino flavor is in the morning… I have been nervous about doing the unflavored, and do not like fruity flavors…

Thanks for this, I was told I should mix the chocolate with the Vanilla. I just really love the taste of the normal Vanilla.

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@Huller23 I love Huel Vanilla and I’m a big fan of Huel Vanilla + Mint Chocolate :slight_smile:

Here’s a great thread to check out how Huelers flavor their Huel! How do you flavor your Huel?

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You and me both (and @Sothan_Huel lol) I’m pretty sure my next round of flavor buys will just be to stock up on the chocolate mint. It’s SO GOOD. I love that it’s even got that little whoosh of cool minty feel with the mint taste. :yum: YUM!

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I purchased the banana, chocolate, and cappuccino flavors. I have yet to taste a difference with them. Not happy with those purchase.