Anyone else getting nasty farts?


I find that the flatulence is worst when I have the granola. For some reason the shakes don’t seem to make it so bad.


I found the the worst farts are after I have eaten the granola rather than the shakes. Has anyone else experienced this and is there an explanation as to why the granola should be any different.


Hey, Huel Granola is not low FODMAP unlike the Huel powders which might be causing your issues.

You’re also on the US forum and Huel granola isn’t currently available in the US. You’re best asking UK specific questions on:


Wait, there’s a granola?


Not yet in the states. It’s available in the UK


I’m getting the gas described after only one serving yesterday morning and one this morning. It is not from fiber because I eat high fiber normally, sucralose (I bought unflavored), water (I’m plenty hydrated) nor drinking fast (when one has the unflavored, it can take hours to finish a serving). So it must be something else in the formulation. I’ve had pea protein powders before with no problems. Someone mentioned oats, that’s something I can’t rule out.


Huel powder is 60% oat powder by volume. It’s the biggest ingredient in the formulation.


Here’s hoping that Huel adds digestive enzymes and pre / probiotics to the next gen powders to aid with the GI challenges.


Huel already contains prebiotic fibers that occur naturally in some of the food ingredients, thanks for the suggestion!


Yes, some foods have prebiotic qualities naturally. But what about probiotics and enzymes?


I don’t need Huel to be more expensive or have reduced shelf life because additives.

Have you tried the UU version? If gut bacteria are enjoying the sucralose in the sweetened versions, you may have better experience with unsweetened. You can always add your own sweetener: stevia, sugar, maple syrup, honey, fruit, etc.

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A spinoff of the topic. Was reading this article and it talks about the influence of fruit’s prebiotics on promoting a healthy gut flora.


It’s something we are looking into in regards to the small percentage of people that have gut issues, yes.

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I think this will be the one thing that would kill the idea. In order to get good potency of the probiotic product, most need to be stored in a cool place, or refrigerator.

Also, since a lot of probiotics are made from cow milk or have skim milk powder in them, Huel would have to find some source of vegan probiotics, which are usually more costly than dairy born probiotics. I think it may be due to supply. Dairy is plentiful, unfortunately.

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To be honest, supply is just one issue. It may seem like there is tonnes of beneficial effects and evidence for probiotics but it’s actually very limited. A probiotic as a specific genus and a specific species e.g. Lactobacillus casei and then there are specific strains. Different strains have different effects and there is limited evidence for each individually when added to food.

The gut microbiota itself is incredibly interesting and the evidence is growing, but whether probiotics added to foods has any of the claims suggested by the compaines is different matter. For example, the EFSA which is the EU equivalent of the FDA has rejected every single probiotic health claim that has been presented to it.


Yeah there is a lack of evidence for Probiotics treating specific conditions. Just people’s anecdotal reports. My hospital was looking to remove probiotics from formulary due to lack of evidence. They finally relented since the small cost of buying these wasn’t worth the hassle of fighting the infections disease doctors every time they ordered a probiotic.


Haha this is brilliant!

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