Anyone else getting nasty farts?


Sucralose will do that… It actually kills off good bacteria… Not a huge fan of it. Wish Huel would not use it. For now unflavored is the way to go!



YESSSSS! And I was already a world class gas-passer, so this is not a great development.
I Huel once a day in the morning for breakfast, 2 scoops in 10 ounces of water. Just finishing my 2nd bag, so about 6 weeks.
I use the Vanilla and the chocolate boost plus I add some PB2 powder (it’s just dry peanuts).
I like the taste but I cannot imagine the unsweetened version.



Some of us have had success taking an OTC digestive enzyme supplement that helps break down the complex polysaccharides in peanuts and in Huel.

I don’t have an association with this company, but I use their product occasionally. Keep in mind this may increase the glycemic index a bit since the enzymes will help break down the food faster. But it can be real useful if you get gas from Huel. I use it when I go out to eat, as well.

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Eggy, right? It’s probably (primarily) the pea protein. So fiber increasing the amount of gas and increased sulphur intake leading to the smell.



Thank you so much for the advice. I will try the enzymes.

Please excuse typos and brevity. This is a tiny keyboard.

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Oh yeah, it could be the pea protein. I know in the past when I’ve done protein powders in my drinks post workout, it gave me the “whey farts”.

That enzyme capsule also contains proteases which may help with that too.



After reading through the responses here, I would like to echo a word or two along with my own experiences thus far.

I ordered Huel from Amazon to try it out (it’s the same-day/next-day delivery that gets me, everytime), along with the Chocolate Mint flavor boost. I ordered the gluten-free, unsweetened option so that I could flavor to my taste, as the default Vanilla seemed quite polarizing among the reviews I read.

I am now roughly 2 weeks into Huel, consuming approximately 1500-Huel calories per day, and…

I, too, have questioned the dietary direction I set out on with Huel after a day closed up in my home-office… The air within would only be agreeable to someone with a busted schnoz (or intolerably perfect manners). But I found some workarounds and it wasn’t 100% consistent (some days were barely noticeable), so I felt it was worth pushing through.

Here are some observations I’ve made that may help others reduce gastric distress as they transition to Huel:

  1. Increasing the water-to-Huel ratio from 5:1 to 6:1 led to immediate, albeit subtle, improvement
  2. Drinking it slowly, as opposed to downing it in a few gulps, helped tremendously
  3. Letting it sit overnight did seem to help, but wasn’t the magic bullet I was looking for

I’m excited to try the following remedies/additions:

  1. Cinnamon (the sort of thing that smacks of, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”)
  2. Coconut oil, apparently just to the top layer

“Drinking it slowly” was something I just tried today, but I haven’t noticed any gas to speak of thus far. I think it took me roughly 15 minutes to finish my first 100g (Huel-of-the-day), about the length of time where consuming it wasn’t my primary focus. Like consuming it complimented the time frame rather then dominated it. I suspect I am beginning to really enjoy Huel.

I prepped my replacement for the same time period tomorrow as I drank. Quite pleasant. Yesterday I signed up for 6 bags every 4 weeks, with a plan to increase from there if that goes well.

I think other methods of delivering nutrition are in trouble. Happy Hueling :slight_smile:

EDIT: I spoke too soon, haha. Is there sucralose in the flavor packs as well? I have trouble tasting much of anything unless I add roughly 1/2 tsp per 33g of Huel.



Thank you for your helpful tips, @twf85! Huelers will greatly appreciate the advice. :blush: To answer your question about the flavor boosts, there are no sweeteners in the flavor boosts. We recommend adding more of the flavor boost as the extra water you may be using (6:1 ratio) dilutes the flavor.

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Stumbled across MCT Oil sold on Amazon today, and I was surprised to read at least one review where someone was experiencing horrible flatulence as a result of adding MCT Oil to their diet.

Could someone comment on whether that means that the high fiber AND the MCTs found in Huel contribute to this thread’s topic?

Fiber tends to be blamed the majority of the time, so finding out there could be another culprit was surprising to me. Here’s a blog post.

Personal Update
I tried adding Coconut Oil, but it did not improve the situation. I tried upping the water ratio, but that only made me feel bloated and tired.

I’ve been determined to make this work, as the convenience and consistency is a huge draw for me. My diet previous to this was organic but not balanced or (in my eyes) very healthy, so I haven’t been able to rationalize reverting Huel-calories to my old mainstays.

I’m still consuming 1500-Huel calories, split into three Blender bottles. I am currently trying to work out the right schedule, but as it stands now, I usually start consuming Huel around 9-10am, but only half a bottle (250 calories, 62.5 grams). I then wait an hour and consume the other half. I wait an hour or two and repeat those steps twice (e.g. 250 calories, 1 hour break, 250 calories, 1-2 hour break, 250 calories, 1 hour break, 250 calories, 1-2 hour break, 250 calories, 1 hour break, 250 calories).

This schedule seems to at least damper the severity of the issue. I also purchased a few plug-in scented oil air fresheners.



when i first started, it was brutal. i had a veritable horn section following me around… BUT. it does get better… eventually. i’m not sure when mine started decreasing, but it’s only occasional for me now…



After switching to unflavored this problem went away for me.



It has gotten better with time. I now use 50/50 vanilla/unflavored. It gets better…



I’ve got the exact same problem!! seriously rotten :egg::dash::mask:



It’s the sucralose in the huel that gives the farts the nasty sulfur smell. Way too much sucraloze in my (and my bodies) opinion. I switched to 2/3 unflavored 1/3 flavored.



Yep. It makes me pretty gassy. My bed sheets are popping like a flag in the wind. But im sure it will settle down soon.



Not just you, I get them too and so am a week in as well. I’m sure it will pass once your body gets used to the change in diet. Hang in there…it will be worth it in the long run. Healthy change brings about bad gas sometimes!



In my experience, it’s mainly due to the oats, which contain high levels of soluble fibre in the form of beta-glucan. While they are extremely healthy in terms of lowering bad cholesterol, flatulence is a fairly common side-effect of oatmeal in larger quantities.

The soluble fibre ferments in the colon, producing in some evil smelling farts! Large bowls of porridge (50g and above of dry oats) do exactly the same thing to me and it didn’t improve over time.

Fortunately, reducing the portion size and consuming the shake more slowly does improve things somewhat. NB. Huel has 40g oats per 100g.

I have also read that the flaxseed in Huel can produce similar effects so we may be getting a double-whammy so to speak! :grin:

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Yeah, I find that Heul vastly reduced flatulence for me. I guess I was eating really farty foods before.

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ive been on an only huel diet for more than 6 months, i have it like 5 times a day or so, and the farts have never stopped



wow - you loose a ton of weight?