A savory flavor that works

I got the idea from another post, but this flavor also works in my opinion. You get two scoops of Huel and mix it with a packet of instant miso soupAnd prepare with water as normal, probably only using 17 or 18 ounces of water. I am talking about two of the old scoops here. Probably, if you did two of the new were scoops, it would still be the same because it is only like a 24 grand difference. But I am mentioning this in Feedback because the formulators should know. This is a savory flavor and it does work with this product. I prepared mine in the shaker and shake it up, and then after it was ready, I heated it up in the microwave because shaking hot liquids is not a good idea. I heated mine up because I refrigerated it for later, but if you want to eat it right then, then you could probably use really hot water and that would also be fine. It is fine as long as you prepare it before you heat it up. I just realized that I accidentally left a metal blender ball in mind while I heated it, and it was still OK. However, it is probably best to use a plastic blender ball if you plan to do that, or use a mug. Haven’t really worked out the best way to do it, but the flavor combo definitely works. It works very well, and I bet if you made it in a blender, it would have a smoother texture. Out of all of the savory ones I have tried, this one has definitely been the best. Other flavors have been fine, but left something to be desired. However, I would definitely like to do this flavor again. Savory flavors do work. Maybe we just haven’t been trying the right ones. I also think that based on this experience that mushroom or potato soup would also work.


Was this made with Vanilla or u/u as a base? I love miso soup so this would probably work for me as well.

I used the unflavored one. I don’t know if it would be that good with the vanilla one.

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just keep in mind that once you have heated it up, do not shake it anymore because it is not good to shake hot liquid in the shaker. Also, you can add a tiny bit of Greek yogurt to make it creamier. Also, when you heat it up, either take the lid off the shaker or at least pop the top open. If you leave the lid on it with the top down, that might not be good for it. Or you could use the shaker to mix it up and pour it into a mug if you feel more comfortable. Mixing it in a mug with a spoon isn’t going to work though because it will be all clumpy. I just did mine and the shaker, shook it all up and make sure everything was perfectly mix the way I wanted it, took the lid off, heated it up, and then I put the lid back on and once it was hot, I didn’t shake it anymore. They say not to heat things up in the shaker because if you do and then you shake it and then it blows up in your face, they don’t want to be responsible for that, but if you are careful and you just don’t shake it, then you can heat it up. You can also try to bypass this by using really hot water, but that won’t be good because shaking it up while it is hot is not a good idea.zzz

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I’ll blend it, heat it in a ceramic bowl as I’m not a fan of microwaving plastic, then pour into the shaker for consumption, or drink it from the bowl. I learned a couple decades ago not to shake hot liquids in air tight containers. Nothing like hot lobster bisque all over me (ouch), and the kitchen ceiling, walls, and floor. It’s like a mini pressure cooker…

I stopped by the Asian market on the way home and picked up some instant miso, and just made this for dinner. I blended it, going light on the water, only 12oz and after a minute in the microwave had something the consistency of porridge, which was what I was hoping for. I just ate it from the bowl with a spoon. YUM! This recipe is a winner, thank you Sabra!

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No problem. I thought it was really good. I actually used the soup packet so it has the seasoning and like onion and stuff in it. I will probably make mine in a bowl when I do it again. I don’t have a blender, but I have made chicken soup with it. I used the packets that make chicken broth. The chicken soup was fine, but not really as good as this one. Something about this one is just really good. When I made the chicken soup, even after it added the seasoning, it was OK, but you could still tell that there was this off flavor in there. With this one, it was so good and I did not taste any off flavors at all. I just got my soup at the grocery store. I believe this would work if you either use the pace or the instant packets. I just use the instant packets because I wanted the onions and the tofu and stuff without having to make that all myself. I was really sad that I had all this original left, but now I am happy again. I was getting really tired of mixing it with chicken broth and adding Mrs. Dash because it tasted fine, but not really that good. This one tastes amazing. And the best part is that if you want to take a lunch with you, all you have to do is just add the packet of soup to your powder in a little container and mix it up. Then you can just take it with you and bring a bowl or a mug with you, and as long as you have hot water or a microwave, you can make it. Also, as long as you start out with really hot water, you can get one of those USB coffee warmers and just keep your hot water in there and you can either use your car or just a battery or something just to keep your water hot so that way you can make it. It probably would not be good to make it in a thermos though and leave it for several hours because the company said that it isn’t good out of the fridge for that long. The only difficult part about this recipe is that it has to be hot. I tried it cold and it wasn’t that good and I thought I would be disappointed, but then when I heated it up, it was really good. Normally, miso soup is it really that filling. I just wanted people at the company to know as well because they were saying that they could not find any savory flavors that worked. I also wonder if it would be good with something like mushroom soup or potato soup. Mushroom soup is a lot less flavorful though, so I don’t know and potato soup would add a lot of calories. The good thing about this soup is that it really doesn’t add a lot of calories to it but it also adds a lot of flavor. I’m glad you tried it though. A lot of people were really skeptical before when I said that I made Huel soup with sodium free bullion, And it was fine, but it really just was not as great as seamless as this one. I wonder if we can use our newfound knowledge to find other savory flavors that would work without constantly setting ourselves up for disappointment. If you are all hung up about it being smooth, I guess you could use a blender for it, but if I’m doing it in a bowl, I think it’s fine just to mix it up with a spoon. It’s just that mixing it up with a spoon in a mug doesn’t work that much. I just wish I knew what it was about this flavor that made it work so well though. Based on what we currently know, what do you think would be some other good flavors to try? I’m not really a new scientist, so I don’t know. I was thinking of trying mushroom powder with it, but mushroom powder is actually really expensive and I got on this to save money. Also, I don’t want to make something that will add a lot of calories to it. Normally when I make a soup though, I just do the unflavored one because I’m kind of trying to make it more taste like the soup.

Sabra Ewing

I used a Miyasaya instant packet. It has freeze dried tofu, seaweed, and fried bead curd in it. So alone it is similar to a miso you would get in a Japanese restaurant, except the tofu chunks were smaller and not quite as good as fresh.

In porridge form it made a nice hot and hearty meal. The best part besides the flavor is it only added 25 calories, leaving me room for a dark chocolate square as dessert, and not going over my 1500 calories per day mark.

Yes, that is the one I had. It had the seaweed in the small chunks of tofu. Yes, it is not as good as fresh, but having to make it kind of negates the purpose of having a meal that is nutritionally complete and easy. It was still pretty good though. I wish I knew why this flavor worked so well so that I could make predictions of what other flavors might be good. This one is good, but I might get tired of it as my only savory option. Like I said before, I did try the chicken soup, and it was OK, but not really that good. I tried both the packets that make broth in the chicken stuck in the tub. They both tasted good on their own, so I know it wasn’t them that was the problem.

Sabra Ewing

I like it this way so much, having it again tonight!

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That is great. I just had it yesterday again. :slight_smile:

Sabra Ewing

Hey, instant miso soup mix - good idea! And as you point out, other instant soups would probably be good also. Huel is the savory instant meal! (How is that for a tagline?)

Why do you say it has to be heated tho? I usually just add some miso and shake, and that works fine, but you do have to shake pretty thoroughly so that you don’t get globs of miso. Maybe it is just more enjoyable warm?

To your health…

Whoa! I would not recommend mixing miso with vanilla Huel - I bet that would taste like a godawful mess. Use the plain Huel.

I seay it has to be heated because I tried it cold, and I didn’t like it that much. However, I was using the actual soup. Maybe if you just use the paste, it taste better cold. I could have still had a cold. It would’ve been OK, but I have to heat it up for it to be really enjoyable. I have actually started doing this version in a bowl now and it is good. So no, I do not heat it up for health reasons. I think it would be equally healthy whether you had it cold or hot, but I just like it hot. When I eat soup, I mostly eat it hot. Also, you can get versions that are healthy and have probiotics and stuff in them, but I just got the instant soup packets since I was just doing it for the flavor. However, yours might be healthier since you are actually using the paste. If I were using a paste that actually had probiotics, I would probably heat it up first and then put the paste in at the end so I wouldn’t kill them. Instant soup packets don’t have probiotics probably though and if they did, they are probably dead anyways when you get the packet. The instant soup has things like tofu, seaweed, and onions, and so having it cold is very unappealing, but if it is just a paste, then it might be better cold. I would have gotten the paste, but the paste is more expensive, and I wasn’t even sure if this was going to work. Plus if you want a hot soup, the packet is the way to go because it already has all of the vegetables and seasonings in it. If you want a cold yet savory shake, maybe just the paste is the way to go. People will have to try this out to see. I really wish people would be more into savory drinks instead of sweet ones. There is this Turkish drink I really like that is made out of Greek yogurt and water for example.

I have tried the chicken broth, and it was OK, but not really as good as this one. I wish I knew what made this one works so well so that I could better predict which other ones to try.

Sabra Ewing

Great suggestion, thank you! I tried this today and I really like it!

Did you have it the way I did or did you have a cold?

Sabra Ewing

I had it warmed! Added hot water to the huel + seasoning packet and then stirred it until it was fully mixed.

Thanks again for your detailed comments, Sabra. To use packets of instant soup you do have to heat it up - thanks for making that clear. I may try that at some point - thanks for the idea. But using plain miso is not more expensive. The instant miso soup that I use sells for $1.33 per serving, and that was one of the cheaper ones. A container of actual miso contains many servings and they start at around $4-5. So I will be sticking with plain miso - or actually the dashi miso - but I bet this would work well with most types of miso. I think it is great to experiment and try different techniques to bring out the best in Huel. To your health…

Btw it is pretty darn easy to put some miso in a saucepan, add a little scallion, seaweed, and tofu, bring it to a simmer, and have fresh, delicious miso soup. The only advantage to packets is that they would be good if you are in a hurry, or to keep in your desk at work, or something like that. Or maybe you don’t keep tofu, scallion, seaweed, and mushrooms on hand. And like you said, with actual miso paste you are getting some nice probiotics, and with instant probably not.