Looking for some savory mixes

I’m getting back on huel again! I went on it at first because drinking my food sounds cool and I needed to lose weight. Huel made losing weight easy because of calorie counting and filling feeling.

Now I am back after gaining some weight back and I really crave something savory. I have a very small sweet tooth. Getting through the vanilla shake for the day is a challenge and I I can only do so by adding some creamer.

I am desperate for some good savory hacks. Ideally something I could still mix up at work without a stove top and such. I saw some recommendations for vegetable juice with the U/U. I love tacos so maybe I could spice it up with a taco packet and V8?

Please help me escape this breakfast flavored hell I am in. (I like breakfast just not for every meal.)

I’m sure some other Huelers here have great suggestions but here’s some savory shakes/soups from our recipe page!


Vegetable broth or vegetable bouillon and good old Mrs. Dash. If you are avoiding sodium, then just use the brand, better than bouillon. Make pizza dough out of it and heated up in the microwave. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I think it would work. Makes an egg in and he thoroughly in the microwave if you want it to be more creamy. If you do this though, add extra water and cover it with a paper towel. Yes, it will be more watery, but you want it to heat up quickly, and you want the egg to get cooked. I have an old cakes recipe up there that is savory. Find a way to make crackers out of it. I am too impatient to make crackers, but maybe you aren’t.