Pass on the savory

I really like the idea of Huel and wanted to like my first order of the Hot and Savory subscription. First, the shaker was defective and unusable. Sadly I found Hot & Savory very bland and I wouldn’t order it again. The Mac and cheese is good, however it takes a long time of sitting or the macaroni is crunchy.

Considering ordering the shakes - to give Huel another shake, lol. Anyone have recommendations?

I’ve been using Huel since around 2019 and I agree with your opinion on H&S. I’ve tried nearly all the flavors of the shakes including unflavored/unsweetened (only good when made with coffee) and my absolute favorite combo has been 1 scoop peanut butter and 1 scoop of cafe latte, it’s the only thing I order now. Peanut butter in my opinion is the best standalone flavor. I have a bag of Cinnamon roll but it just got delivered and I have yet to try it.

I have sent you a message about your order and to get more information on it to be able to assist you further :blush:

Thanks for your recommendations. I’ll look forward to trying those.

There does seem to have been a decrease in the quality of the shaker over the past year or so. My first of the version 2 shakers is tight and nicely fitted, more recently I ordered 2 more and they aren’t as tight, and I can move the lid back and forth a bit. I haven’t had any leakage so far, but feel it might just be a matter of time.

If you are referring to the “Hot Pot” for the Hot Huel as a shaker, it is not. The Hot Pot is simply a way to make the Huel with hot water. Even a container to hold the Huel at work until you can add hot water. It cannot be watertight or when the boiling water goes in and the lid is sealed, the steam would pop the lid off. It is more of a measuring device. Once you add the two scoops of Huel, the line on the inside of the Hot Pot tells you how much boiling water to put in.

Hope this helps.

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I see, my mistake. I had used the “Hot Pot” to make the Thai Green Curry, but accidentally knocked it over and made a mess. I didn’t see that it wasn’t supposed to seal with the lid on, though that makes sense. My coffee cup seals with the lid on so I was unawares.

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Please DM us or email us if your newest shakers are experiencing any leakage or damages so we can assist :pray:t3: