Your first taste of the new savory meals

My Hot & Spicy just arrived a few minutes ago and so I made a batch of the curry that’s sitting in a stainless saucepan curing and waiting for me to come get it and take my first bite. To be continued…

Edit: Just finished my first savory meal. The curry is delicious. My first time eating quinoas . Except for a cold glass of fresh carrot juice, i made no additions this time to see what the baseline will be like. I am pleasantly surprised. It’s really good!

What’s was your first taste like?

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I asked a question on the hot and savory too and didn’t get any replies. Have you tried the sweet and sour? I’m really curious and may order it because it sounds delicious.

I personally love it, and I’m not just being biased. I’m a lover of Chinese take-out so this is a nice healthy alternative for me! It requires more water than our other flavours but not too much more.

NB: Make sure you’re a pineapple fan if you want to order Sweet & Sour!

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I am a pineapple fan, I think I’d love it :heart:

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