Savory Sweet & Sour

There is mention of the Savory Sweet & Sour tasting like takeaway Chinese food.
I recalled the posts as I was dishing up takeaway leftovers & didn’t have quite enough to go around.
I used 4 scoops of the Huel Sweet & Sour garnished with chopped pineapple & scallions. It created a perfect side dish of takeaway! And none were wiser as to all the healthy ingredients. :joy:


well, h&s sounds good in theory…reading lots of questionable reviews.
think I’m going to wait for the formula to get sorted out.

I gotta top mine with some scallions because MAN that sounds nice :drooling_face:
Enjoy the Sweet and Sour :sparkling_heart:

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I do not have a sweet tooth so I was not terribly upset that the Sweet and Sour only had a hint of sweetness, but I have to ask…where’s the sour? I really was looking forward to a little pleasurable sour ‘bitey-ness’ but there is none. Perhaps adding a little Apple Cider Vinegar flavoring would bring the sour to this mixture. To me, it is quite bland compared to what I was expecting.

I just tried this package for the first time. I had great expectations but was sorely disappointed - no taste at all.
Sorry, I won’t be buying more and wish I could return the 2 packages I haven’t opened.

Please get in touch with our team as we would love to help you out on your Huel journey💖

Ended up trying the sweet n sour, coconut curry, spicy indian…the last two were great by themselves. S&s was sort of sweet mash…needed jalapenos and a drop of honey.
Not all that curious about the other flavors…nice option to have on the side