First taste of H&S Huel

So I just received my first box of Huel and was excited to have something to replace some of my meals with a good healthy fast option. I will say I’m genuinely concerned already if I will like this product or not because my first meal of Thai Green Curry I made I could not stand the taste, I even tried to chase it with one my favorite flavored soda’s just to get the meal down but ended up throwing away about 30% of it.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with this specific flavor or with H&S? I’m hoping that the other two flavors I have (Mexican Chili and Tomato and Herb) don’t give me a similar experience.

Sweet n sour is a tad underwhelming. Still edible. Needs a drop of honey and jalapenos.

Also tried coconut curry and the spicy curry…both were fantastic.

Taste is subjective. If you don’t like the taste, then it might not be for you.

My main problem with Thai Green Curry was texture. Once I learned to let it sit covered for a while to soak up the water, the texture was much better.

Also, consider that you may be used to foods with a much higher level of sodium. I had an issue with this at first, but once I got used to it I found that I could taste more of the spices than I could in other saltier foods.

It definitely wasn’t underwhelming if anything the taste I was getting seemed so wrong I actually thought I was going to get sick from it. I hate to waste money and would of probably forced myself to finish it but that is another reason why I didn’t.


I held off for trying h&s as long as i did cuz most of the reviews said they had no flavor…so i was happy to find two of the three I tried exceptionally tasty.

To each their own.
Did you try mixing in any flavors you DO like to see if you would come around?

Pineapple? Hot sauce? Tofu? Fish sauce?

I have not yet, in all honesty i was turned off so bad by that specific flavor that I can see myself maybe adding a little in with other flavors to slowly eat it all then try another full course of it. I’m happy to say that Tomato and Herb and the Mexican chili one are way more pleasant then that first experience haha.

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Glad you enjoyed the Tomato & Herb and the Mexican Chili! Don’t be afraid to mix things up with your Huel. If you ever want a little extra spice, add some hot sauce, if you feel like you want a veggie on the side, have an avocado! Part of the fun of Huel Hot & Savory is how versatile it is :blush:

ALONE: (2 scoops)

Green Curry: 5+
Just Awesome

Coconut Curry: 4.5
Good, enjoyed the sweetness, but felt like it could use more “body” or heat to be fantastic.

Indian Curry: 3
HOT!!. I couldn’t really taste much outside of the chili peppers. I really wanted to like it, I could taste hints of other flavors from time to time, but the chili heat kept overpowering everything.

Mexican Chili: 3
Okay, but boring. I know Huel is plant based but the whole time all I could think was “this chili is missing the meat”.

Tomato & Herb: 1
Blech. Might be good if you’re into savory tomato-y soups, but definitely not for me. Acidic taste, couldn’t eat more than a scoop’s worth.

Sweet & Sour: 1
Tastes like someone poured a jar of store-brand Sweet & Sour sauce into a batch and called it a day. Too sweet that clashes with “herbiness”.

COMBOS: (1 scoop + 1 scoop)

Green Curry + Indian Curry: 4.5
Delicious hints of the green curry with some added heat. My only regret is using the green, it’s so well-balanced by itself. The spiciness is still a bit overpowering.

Green Curry + Coconut Curry: 5
They compliment each other unexpectedly well. Full-bodied green with some sweetness.

Indian Curry + Coconut Curry: 4
Sweet and spice and spice. The heat from the Indian curry hides all hut a hint of the coconut curry’s sweetness. Still good, but better separated.

Indian Curry + Mexican Chili: 4
Heat makes the meatless chili a bit more interesting, but the chili still feels like it’s missing something. I ate a lot more of the Mexican Chili in this combo than I would have by itself.

Mexican Chili + Tomato & Herb: 1
Not for me. Extra tomato-ish boring chili.

Mexican Chili + Sweet & Sour: 1

Tomato & Herb + Sweet & Sour: 0
One spoonfull, down the drain. Awful.


“While you’re at it…”

I’d like your take on any of the h&s if you decide to add anything to them…i.e.; pineapple, hot sauce, meats/tofu, jalapeno.

I tried adding honey (to taste) and jalapenos to my sweet n sour, and that wasn’t all that bad. Changed the texture, gave it a sweet/spicy profile…

Going for mango and habanero in my next bowl.