Hot & Savory--Yellow Coconut Curry flavor addons?

Hey all,
Back on Huel after a few years, wrapping up my first week with trying the new Hot & Savory options. I love the flavor of the Green Curry and Indian Curry, and just tried my first lunch of Yellow Coconut Curry. It’s very bland and I didn’t get much curry and zero coconut flavor. The only bites I enjoyed is when a raisin was in the spoon with it. Kind of disappointed because Thai food is one of my favs, I’ve had so much Yellow Coconut Curry that did have an expectation that the flavors of this H&S would mimic what I’m used to. And, the other two H&S that I’ve tried were so flavorful.

So, I’ve got a whole bag that I don’t want to go to waste. What are your experiences with this flavor and what did you do to flavor it up a bit??

Thanks All!!

Maybe you got a bad scoop?
Ive found you really need to mix the bag(shake) thoroughly and then take two scoops from deep in the bag.

I also add a tbsp of peanut butter with mine.

Hopefully this will help.

I agree! I could eat the Green Curry and Mexican Chili every day, but the yellow curry is very bland! I only ordered it once and don’t plan on ordering it again.

If you haven’t tried Sweet and Sour, I definitely recommend that one.

Hey @Toshea,
Bummed you are not enjoying the Yellow Coconut Curry! My biggest pro tip is to perhaps add some sort of hot sauce to make it have a bit more kick! :blush:

Red pepper. Splash coconut milk. Fish sauce. Ideas.

I agree with the original poster. I ordered one of each bag and Yellow Coconut Curry was definitely the weakest of the bunch. At least all the others if I had no other things to mix it it with at a base level they tasted fine. But I agree the Yellow Coconut Curry was really bland, lacking any notable flavor despite thoroughly mixing the bag and overall tasted like wet cereal. Even my partner who is an exec chef took a few bites and was blech.

Now I’ve added red bottle sriracha to Thai Green Curry and it’s my go-to. However, today I discovered adding yellow bottle sriracha made the Yellow Coconut Curry so amazing. Probably better than any add-on I’ve added to any other Huel …that I now highly recommend mixing the two yourselves and make this even a base flavor that would rival Thai Green curry. I think because of the yellow bottle sriracha is a little sweet with some spice really blended well with it.

I sometimes add more raisins, and you could also probably try slivered almonds or cashews. The yellow curry is supposed to be more of a korma flavor, which is a lot more mild than a curry. You could also probably add a little more seasoning in the form of garam masala or ginger powder.

Very interesting discussion. I just received my first bags of Huel and I eagerly tried the Thai Green Curry and found it very bland and then I tried the Sweet and Sour and also thought it was bland. Today I tried the Yellow Coconut Curry and thought it was amazing. Very tasty. I do wonder if one needs to mix very very well. I mean I thought I did that but maybe it wasn’t enough. So anyway, I see that everyone has a different take and that is the only thing I can think of.

Is the Yellow Curry bland because it is supposed to be a breakfast item? I’ve not tried it yet.

It reminds me of a breakfast cereal, so I add a little cinnamon.

In my experience, yellow curry often has potatoes, carrots and prawns in it, but that might just be the way the restaurants around here serve it.

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Yellow curry’s are generally not hot (as in peppers). More of a savory type thing.

One of my favorite meals. I add sweet corn and it tastes like corn chowder.

I tried it for the first time yesterday, and it was ok with Sriracha. I like the idea of adding a bit of ginger/galangal and a fresh veg, thawed frozen peas or sweet corn would give it the right kick I think.

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