Hot & Savory - First Experience

So the FedEx horse-drawn mail wagon finally huffed its way to my apartment yesterday and I got my hands on some Huel Hot & Savory.

I have to say, it’s really…REALLY…good.

As somebody who has eaten way too many cup-noodles in my life I really didn’t have high-hopes. But it completely surpassed my expectations. The Thai Green Curry is off-the-charts good. It’s spicy, extremely flavorful and actually feels quite hearty when you eat it.

I threw some vegetables in the air fryer and mixed them in with the H&S and it made for a really satisfying dinner…in under 15 minutes (this accounts for the time it took to make the vegetables too).

Given this is only the first version of this product, it’s really impressive. I’m absolutely a fan and think this could be really big for Huel.


I just dump a bag of frozen vegetables into a pot on top of huel/water mixture and bring the water to a boil. Works for me and it’s delicious. Just be sure to stir occasionally or it will try to stick to the bottom of the pot.

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I’ll have to try that trick with the frozen vegetables. That sounds really good!

Now my mouth is watering. Thanks guys!! The horses haven’t made it to my house yet and I’m hungry!!

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This sounds delicious! Throwing some extra Veggies is always a great idea especially if they are a bit spicy with the Thai Green Curry!