First experience Hot & Savory

So, a couple weeks ago an ad for Hot & Savory popped up YouTube. In what may be a first in 15+ years of YouTubing I clicked on an ad! I’ve tried the Yellow Coconut Curry, Pasta Bolognese, and Sweet & Sour. I’m pleased so far. It’s affordable, easy and quick to prepare, and nutritious. The taste is very good.

I subscribed and will be switching out flavors for the first few months until I’ve tried them all.

A couple qualifiers: first I’m pretty omnivorous and will eat most anything; so, pleasing my palette is a pretty low bar. Second, this isn’t my first foray into “tech food”. I’ve been drinking Soylent for years and still do, but was super stoked when I saw there was now a hot food product. BTW I never did a product comparison between Soylent and Huel powders. I ran across Soylent first and haven’t seen a reason to switch. However, since I was ordering the H&S I went ahead and ordered some of the Huel V3 powder and will give it a try.