You NEED to offer a sample packs for the flavor powders

I recently ordered Huel and the Banana flavor as a backup in case I didn’t like Huel in it’s “unflavored” state. Turns out I like Huel unflavored, but the banana powder is another story altogether. It’s terrible. I wish we could leave reviews on the main site about things like this. This “banana” flavor is ridiculously fragrant, to the point where I don’t even think I can fully taste it that much because of the smell/after smell when I swallow it And it smells exactly like Willy Wonka banana flavored Laffy Taffy as well as Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum… either way, it is artificial and too strong.

Huel, you need to offer SAMPLES of the different flavor powders you make (an item that includes 2 or 3 servings of each flavor you sell here). I would gladly have bought that instead of buying this whole bag. Instead, I’m stuck with 75 servings… I would never buy another flavor packet after this if this is the level of quality.

I don’t even try to get my money back when things don’t work out because they aren’t usually that bad, but I want my money back on this.

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Yeah, sorry you had the same experience with the banana. I immediately disliked the banana flavor. Forced myself to try it a second time and I think it actually got worse. Threw my banana flavor packet in the trash. Oh, and the strawberry Huel flavoring is only slightly less gross. Tossed that, too.

But I really enjoy their chocolate additive. And, I add real banana to many of my Huel shakes and that tastes terrific. The artificial fruit flavors are the bump in the otherwise smooth ride I’ve had with Huel these last 6 months.


Hey @treading! So sorry you didn’t like it. I’ve gone ahead and refunded you $9 for the banana flavor boost. Please allow 3-5 days for this refund to process. :+1:

We do have plans to eventually release a sample pack of the flavor boosts! Keep your eyes peeled on our social media (@huelusa) for more updates on that. :slight_smile:

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